Ladies Camera Club

31 Jan 2013

A gentle start

Marion Emberson is one of my most loveliest friends and today saw her start back at QVC  after a short spell.  I love her samples one one of them caught my eye in plum and olive colours.  So I took myself off to my craft space for 10 measly minutes.

And here she is - in all her plum and olive glory.  I finally got round to using my chevron mask which, incidentally, I bought from Marions on line shop

I think my crafting hiatus has just taken a hike!
Thanks Marion, for your inspiration.
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Anonymous said...

are the little specks of ink on the stamped image part of the design or added in?
Also with ribbon is it tied roughly through the card or do you matt and layer and hide the "workings" of the card neatly for the receipiant? thanks for your guidance and expertise! I know one expert didnt used to hide the sharp points of brad and eyelets and she was useless but very very over paid....she didnt know any crafting but has her name on everything!!!LOL!

Sue said...

Lovely colours and fab card.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I'll leave the guess work up to you seeing as you are a major pick arse.

Debo said...

Sorry, Kirsty but - Anon, wtf???

BEAUTIFUL card! Loved Marion's show (only saw afternoon), great to see her back on QVC. She designs such elegant cards. ( I got the chevron mask from her shop the other week, have only embossed it so far, must try stencilling through it today)

Fiona said...

WTF! Is she for real?
Lovely card, fab colours and great placement of the elements.

Jaki Morris said...

Oh anonymous your appalling grammar is going to kill me one of these days. Either that or I'll have to track you down and kill you.


Judi said...

Very pretty card Kirsty. Like the chevron mask, will have to look out for that.

I actually feel sorry for anon, she must be very sad, lonely bitter and twisted but how I wish she would show us some of her creations! Don't feel too sorry to blow a raspberry at her though - after I've finished laughing that is!

Take care and keep creating your little lovelies. xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Stunning card but I thought you didn't like purple? I lovity love it!

Paula Knall said...

I love this colour combination! Pxx