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12 Jan 2013

5 Things I must make

I love wearing skirts.  Well, mainly on our warmer days which, lets face it, is about thrice a year.  As I was pinning a million free skirt patterns tonight, I came across other lovely things that I must set aside some time to make:

Edging a tablecloth, tea towel or hand towel, for a gift - is such a lovely idea

Without a doubt, I will make one of these this weekend

Free bag patterns with delish fabric makes me want to sew forever
Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

Upcycling old t-shirts to make this?  HELLO?!!!
Source: via Kirsty on Pinterest

And I will, WILL, make this skirt.

What are YOU making right now?
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Anonymous said...

baskets filed with hand crafted spring flowers for Easter gifts. no patterns , no intenet inspiration just a brain cell and time to enjoy crafting! have fun with making the t shirts [ goodbye!!!!! as I am too old!] for your teenage daughter

Sue said...

Loving the bags and the moibile cover.

Carole Z said...

What lovely makes you've found! I do love the iphone case and the bags especially, Carole Z X

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Anonymous, good riddance.
This blog is a ace for happy, positive people.
Your unnecessary comments will not be missed.

Jaki Morris said...


Anonymous said...

I love the iPhone case. :-) And the T-Shirt is so pretty for a basic T-Shirt.... I might need to look closer at that one. Love the skirt too, but horizontal stripes are really not for me!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Is this idea of filling baskets with handmade flowers an original idea? No! There is nothing new under the sun and we ALL get inspiration from everything around us whether we realise it or not. As for internet inspiration? Why are you on here making comments in the first place? You are here like all of us, to be inspired by or to learn something from the internet????

Colette x.