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29 Sep 2012

Beautiful quote

As you may well know, I love quotes. Some are so eloquently put into a short and snappy sentence that might otherwise take a lifetime to convey in your own words.

I found this one the other day and it caught my breath:

"sometimes I cry because my heart can't put the feelings I have into words, and I cry because words can't express how my heart feels."

I think we can all relate to this quote at some point in our lives. As for me? I think I feel it every day!

Rather than leaving this post on a somber note, let's lift the mood with this funny...........

Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

28 Sep 2012

Lovely lovely things

My life would suck without my daily troll who leaves ridiculously stupid comments (that I won't publish) and Pinterest.  This is a pick utterly gorgeous things that has me frothing at the mouth:

I'd love to recreate this for a photoshoot:

I need this bag immediately:

I love this Lippy sticky effect:

Styling men is tough.  If they look like this, this pose is just awesomeness:

I will make this, gluten free of course.  I'm dribbling looking a this:

Oh behave!  This is outrageously awesome:

My troll will love on hear I'll be making these with my imaginary tots (she thinks I have other children):

This hair style is divine:

Totes going to copy this idea to make purty roses:

Vivienne Westwood is a genius:


I squish you

Do you ever play the game where you squint your eye, hold your finger and thumb over a person/object in the distance and pretend to squish them?  I do it all the time.  I am super squisher and I am the champion of it.

Yesterday, out of sheer boredom before work, I lay in bed, squishing objects in my room.  At first, I squished our bedroom lampshade (which Nicole thought looked like a lady part!)

Then I squished my foot

Then I just went crazy and squished everything in sight including my own head

 I squished Ellie

My reflection

The knob on my slow cooker.  this slow cooker is a monster 6L and when you turn the knob for real, you need two hands.... its that big in real life! PS:  Cooking Beef Bourginon

I squished the dog on his blankety covered chair

  I squished my Hunters at the hairdressers

And I couldnt leave Mark out - being squished on the mantle

Yes, Im 41 years old and no, Im not ready for the loony bin.

My instagrammers are all catching on......could we make this squishing a trend?

But not real squishing, though, because that would be then classed as murder and Im not ready to do porridge for that.

PS:  check out my retreat news below!

26 Sep 2012

Weekend Photography Retreat

As I transit between studios (from small to large and nearer home) I've been thinking about how I can use the spare time there.  I will be based in Wigan now and I want to celebrate photography to young and old.  One or two plans are in the pipeline, such as a Ladies photography club and Studio hire.  But more on that another time.

As I teach DSLR photography regulalry, I now have the time and space to teach to a more advanced audience.  So Ive decided to hold my first "Give Direction" weekend retreat up here in Wigan.  Here are the details but be quick, 2 of the 6 spaces have gone:

Where:  Scot Lane, Wigan
We have two mainline stations here, a bus station and we are just off J25/26 of the M6.  2 hours from London by train!!!

When:  17th and 18th November 2012 - 10am until 6pm

What is included:
Urban locations (the most fantastic warehouse site EVER!) with 2 models and MUA with emphasis on model poses, composure, direction and off camera flash. Models will have various changes of outfits.  Contingency in place for inclement weather.
Studio lighting and indoor natural lighting shoots with 2 models
Photoshop artistic editing techniques
Full use of my equipment: reflectors, light meter, strobes, polyboards, beauty dish, backdrops etc
Buffet lunch on both days, refreshments, snacks

You must be able to shoot in either Aperture Priority OR Manual (preferred but not essential) and be prepared to work in RAW using a DSLR camera.

How much?  £210 per person
Ive kept the price as low as possible in order that you can choose your own accommodation. There are plenty of hotels and B&B's in Wigan.
The studio has a comfortable lounge area and kitchen facilities and the use of two mac computers.  Please bring your own laptop if you wish!

To make an enquiry, contact me HERE

If this fills up quickly, I will run another one in the first week of December.

25 Sep 2012

Seeing stars

I made this card for a friend who knows the owner of a hotel who have just been awarded 5 stars.

It's clean, simple and erm....... Starry.

I could get used to clean and simple style cards.

24 Sep 2012

A dozen sausages

While they sleep, they grow.

I'd take a sleeping child over a whiny "woe is me" one any day.  And when she is not well, she sleeps.  And she gets on with it.  She conserves and renews and fights.  And I fret like a fluffy 1950's housewife with her and not because I LIKE to fuss but because when your child is not well, you never know the extent of what it could become.  So I like to keep an eye on her.

Today she was not well enough to go to College.  GREAT. She has been back two weeks and she is already off.  But there was no way she could have gone in because she could barely talk or breathe.  So I kept her off and she just slept.  And the dog stayed by her side almost all day, as if willing the badness out of her.

She couldn't manage breakfast except to sip a cold drink but by midday she was baying for food.  She wanted something hot but nothing crunchy or hard.  I spied a pack of 12 Richmond sausages in the fridge.  So I cooked them all thinking I'd have a sandwich later, too.  But when I delivered her a batch of sausages they had been demolished in seconds so I forfeit my lunch and let her have the last 6.  That's a dozen sausages - GONE

The dog sat up and begged for a morsel to which she obliged (huh!  but not me!!!)

She is feeling much chipper now plus after a chicken casserole tea and more fluids, this kid is fighting fit for college tomorrow.

But 12 sausages?  Bloody hell - thats some going, right?

Kirsty x

23 Sep 2012

There was this one time

In New York, 2005.

Mark and I booked a long weekend for an absolute steal.  And I mean a full on bargain.  It cost us £400 each to fly there and back plus a hotel booking for three nights (room only).  It was such a thrill because you can't even go to some mainland Europe destinations for that price.  On the flight over we learned that some heavy snow was about to land over New York and that we would be experiencing some minus 15 degrees temperatures.  Pah!  Im British and Im hardcore - bring it on.

We arrived at noon and after much advice we took to the Empire State building as it is best to be inspected in both day and night light.  So by mid afternoon, we wrapped up most cosily and took several lifts to get to the top.  The sun was on its way down which meant we could take in the 4 corners of Manhattan by day but also stay and enjoy the lights that would soon become all too obvious.

As we exited the lift, the temperature was most hideous even though the skies were cloudless and no snow was in sight.  It was so bitterly cold that when you inhaled through your nose, the air froze within your nostrils so we had to breathe in through our mouths instead.  I didn't quite enjoy this task but the labour was soon forgotten as I took in the cityscape of lower Manhattan; still in state of disrepair.  By the time New York had lit up the dark skies, I could not feel my feet.  Plus, I can't tell you how many cups of coffee we had but by about my 205th skinny, chocka mocha wocka - I was as high as a kite from the caffeine and the thin air!  So, we decided to go back to the hotel and warm up.

Mark and I, Trump ice rink, New York - 2005

The queues for the lifts were hideous and you couldn't make any shape or figure out from all the big, thick coats and woolly hats and caps filled the vestibule but at least it was warm as we waited to catch a lift down.  We all looked pale, exhausted and the same.  Note this last sentence.  Eventually it was our turn to go down.  There were approximately 20 figures ram shackled into the lift about the size of a cupboard so I held onto Marks right hand with my left and looked forward, towards the doors.  I didn't like the squishiness of us huddled in there but with Mark by my side, I felt safer. 

I was minding my focus towards the door when I felt a hand smooth around my back, under my left arm and then onto my left, erm, top left lady part.  At first, I just assumed it was Mark....mucking about.  Im used to him goosing me on the butt a million times a day, why would a random grope make a difference? But I had hold of his right hand, so how would he manage to carry out that manoeuvre from his position?  So I slowly turned my head to the right and looked up at the offender with my eyes as wide as saucers.  The offender looked at me and in return, widened his eyes with much alarm.  His face was absolutely priceless because all the while, he was till holding onto my bosom whilst looking at me and in turn looking at his girlfriend on his right (who was wearing a hat exactly like mine).

After much laughter from myself and his girlfriend (who had witnessed the entire debacle), the fella removed his hand from my chest and stood dying with shame .........and all the while Mark was completely unaware of the entire episode.  It was worth the cheap thrill JUST to see the shock and horror on the offenders face.

It still makes me laugh to this day.

Kirsty x

22 Sep 2012


She is loving college. A class with only five students has got be good.
She is 17 in two months. And only wears age 10-12 clothes.
She has a beautiful soul. Not one judgemental bone in her body. She has never told me she didn't like someone.
She is accepting. This could be a downfall but still, she never protests when we ask things of her.
She asks for nothing. You can't even want to buy her something, she's happy just "being".
She is full of cold right now. Instead of whining and feigning weakness, she just rests and sweats it out.
She is my saviour, my love, my friend and my daughter.
She is all that is good in the world. We should bottle that brand of magic up and sprinkle it over mankind.

21 Sep 2012


When Belles was younger, she could not pronounce Jewellery.  She called it Jew-a-wy.  And it stuck so we both call it this.  I'm not the worlds BESTEST jew-a-wy maker but I do enjoy the process and that is what crafting is about.

Last week both Belles and I visited a bead shop in Wigan.  I had no idea it was there until I took a look at some premises in the same courtyard.  Both she and I were like kids in a sweet shop.  Belles spent her pocket money on random pieces and beads for no other reason than to admire and run her fingers through.  I, myself, ran amok with tasty little morsels to saliva over and claim as my own.

It wasn't until tonight that I've given myself some "me" time to construct a couple of treasures.  Although, whilst fiddling and faffing, I have reminded myself that I really must remember to wear my specs (uh - not happy!)

This necklace here is a rework of an original neckle that I bought two years ago.  I replaced the pearls but kept the findings the same.

My problem is that I spray perfume on whilst wearing my necklaces which, over time, acts like white spirit on the bead's coating.  I was happy with my fiddly faffness and am happy to have restored it to its former magnificence.

And then, in my madness, I fiddly faffed with some pretty beads to make a book mark.

Then I realised that half the world have kindles so this little bugger will probably look better hanging off my right ear.

Im sure the trend will catch on.

Kirsty x

20 Sep 2012

Curly paw

How does a poochy, with legs as short as 3 inches, manage to curl it under himself so elegantly?

This pooch cracks me up.

Like, a lot.

Kirsty x

19 Sep 2012


You know those kind of people, don't you?  The ones that swipe your drink at a party mistaking your expensive champagne for their £1.99 bottle of cava or, in my case, mistaking my classy snakebite mixed with baileys with their nasty little alco-pop.

Well, no more shall your frenemies nick your booze at works do's or Mrs Miggins Avon party in future - thanks to washi tape.  YES!  Washi tape saves the day as you wrap one of your many styles around the stems of glasses (or straws, for that matter) to ward off your minxy little drink burglar.

In future, ain't no drink stealing ninja going to lift my treble bombay gin mixed with absinthe and tia maria with these ingenious glass savers, right?

**inserts shifty eyes**

Kirsty x

18 Sep 2012

A little crafty

Ive promised myself some "crafty me" time these next few weeks. Ive been having a good old clear-out and have decided that some of my supplies must go to a much needed home. How on earth will I shift all this stuff?  I'm hoping I can sell it off in return to buy camera equipment or maybe just dump the lot in a bin and make some ROOM!

Here is the layout I did from the sketch two weeks back

And here is a card I made using Marions gorgeous stamps

And a little digi scrapping using Rhonnas most spectacular wares (namely Qautrefoil, nautical chic and washi tape)

I've got a couple of transitions in the fold which include moving my studio 20 miles nearer home.  Wallasey is 20 miles there and 20 miles back with an hour on each journey.  By moving my studio to Wigan, Ill be time thrift and expenses-less.  I've also learned that I do NOT need to have a street level shop and thus saves even more moolah.  Its a win-win.  I can't flipping well wait to move to the cutest little shopping court on Hallgate.  I shall be above a picture framing shop (check), opposite a vintage clothing shop (check check) and directly above the largest tattoo artists studio in the north west (check check check - rockabilly chicks like these will hear the click of my camera!)

I know tattoo's are not everyone's bag but I love the whole 50's look as well as a burlesque feel and awesome hairstyles.  If I can create photography half as stunning as the above, I'll be a happy little pooh bear.

Kirsty x

16 Sep 2012


I'm sure that my palpitations at 9pm, tonight, were felt as wee earth tremors over in eastern Europe.  Downton Abbey (season 3) came back with a bang although the flapper style era has somewhat lost the shows charm; as opposed to the early 1900's.  There is something quite intriguing about bustles.  I was grinning from ear to ear throughout the show and literally spat my tea across the room when Matthew asked Tom to be his Best Man.  The mock-shock and horror was hilarious, I literally felt like I was there, for real - and living the scene.  These next few Sundays are going to be the BEST.

In other news, well...there is no other news.  Although we just spent a whirlwind 36 hours with my brother and his family.  Little Joshua has turned into a proper monkey.  I have belly laughed so hard that I cant quite distinguish the pain from my usual Gluten intolerant tummy ache.  Here he is, using Eddy's hatch to get in and out of the utility room.  Live wire is NOT the word.

We don't see each other very often but when we do, the common denominator that Joshua brings is just marvellous.  Aaaanyway, Im going to leave you with these little babies that Pinterest brought to me this week.  Hope you like!

I am so totes going to recreate this (credits here)

And the simplicity of this scrapbook page is awesome (credits here)

In love with anything Rockerbilly right now - this hair would be superb for one of my styled shoots coming up (credits here)

Followed by 50's prints and patterns.  Click on THIS link here to almost die at the variety of styles

And this is for me, to remind myself that I can eat nice things when going gluten free

Kirsty x