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17 Dec 2012

time to make some cards

Its been well over a week.
A looooooong week without crafting makes kirsty a very sulky bunny.

Ive been inspired by these cards and using little ideas from each, I plan to come up with some spectackler creations to feed my soul.

Or maybe Ill buy a pack of 20 from Sainsburys and get Ellie to write them!

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Anonymous said...

maybe Ellie can make them using a design she makes. think it will need to be speedy though as they need to be posted asap now. There are some lovely cards here some of which the people should be proud they made.

Jaki Morris said...

The one at the bottom is my absolute favourite as I adore that ribbon.

If anyone takes the time to hand make something, they should be proud.

The phrase, 'dammed by feint praise'comes to mind.

Is this anonymous the same as the piously religious one? I don't think so as this one doesn't appear to have a charitable bone in their body.


Bumblebee said...

My favourite is the last one :) I buy most of mine, there aren't enough hours in the day to make them all!

Sue said...

WOW! All fabby. Plenty of inspiration there.

Anonymous said...

How many professional card makers do that? Everyone of them I think, me included, although I do like to add a bow or some additional glitter to make a bought card feel a bit more 'mine' :)

Carrie x

Carole Z said...

All these cards are gorgeous, just can pick a favourite, thanks for sharing! Carole Z

Judi said...

Fab cards, yes I too think the bottom one is (one of) my fave(s)! So simple but effective and classy.

I make all 120 of my Christmas cards, haven't bought a card since I started making them years ago. I try to spread it over the year but am always rushing to get them done at the last minute! It's all part of Christmas to me. (don't mean that the way it sounds - a bit big-headed - it's just, I have all this stuff, love what I do so don't want to buy them)

Totally agree with Jaki, that if anyone takes the time to make something they should be proud!

Thanks for sharing these Kirsty, look forward to seeing your take on them. xx

Louise said...

oh just look at that gorgeous big bow on the last card! x