Ladies Camera Club

8 Dec 2012

Teaching tomorrow.

I love teaching over at Crafts 4 U 2 Do, in St Helens. In light of my photography, I just don't think I could give crafts up. I've got a sneak of one project and a full image of another to share.

Then in the afternoon I have 5 kiddy shoots and then an 18th Party event shoot.

I'm glad Sunday is a day of rest x

Laters x


Anonymous said...

the ever [so say] popular cupcake! they are OTT now arent they a bit like "say calm and .............." tacky things which are still everywhere arent they! Expect your daughter et al will be out and about having fun with all the pre Christmas events whilst you have fun with your work!

Bumblebee said...

Tacky things which are still everywhere?! I have to disagree 'Anonymous', I love cupcakes (crafting and baking) and 'keep calm and...' are fantastic too. I can think of someone who is 'OTT' and annoying though...

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Lol anonymous, you pompous old naysayer. Go back into thine hole from whence you came.