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19 Dec 2012

Spring cleaning and Freebie

I'm not sure why I have had this incredible urge to sort and tidy.  I mean, if we are doomed on Friday, I can think of better things to be doing with my last few days on earth.  But its been good to have a sort out and that started in my dresser.  Ive had creams and lotions for years that needed slinging plus tatty old lipsticks and mascaras (apparently if you wear mascara every day, you should buy a new one every month - yurks!).  I organised my toiletries so neatly that I honestly cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and slap all my products on from a tidy dresser.

As a side note, Ive applied moisturiser up to 3 times a day for a long time; I think I was about 18 when I fully started doing it.  Sometimes only once but more often than not Ive applied it morning, noon and night.  I switch between Oil of Olay, Simple, clinique dramatically different and dermalogica.  Once a bottle empties, I change the brand.  I learnt from my MUA, Abigail, that cleansing/toning/moisturising is way better for my skin so Ive now got hold of some new product by Almay (for absolute peanuts) and I tried it tonight after a bath.  Seriously, my skin felt so different and I can see this routine being run twice a day now.

I then made a start on my craft room.  Its a constant labour of love, that damn room.  I set aside more stuff I just don't use/need anymore and switched around my stash to make it easy to access for popular products as opposed to robbing peter to pay paul just to grab one little thing.  I'm so relieved Ive made a start on it but it wouldn't have been possible had I not have finished a huge project that Ive been working on.  I love finishing a job to make way for other jobs that have been piling high.

When I'd satisfied a small portion of the rooms organisation, I settled down to make some christmas cards.  One using my Rhonna Designs inspired project

and this one, designed by me.  

You can download it by clicking my Freebie tab at the top of the page.  So if you are in work, download it and make a card for the poor little dot that you forgot in accounts ;)  Go on, abuse the office printer and stationery!

And finally this little pretty, just because.

Gotta go and polish my halo.

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Melanie Marshall said...

Gorgeous work as usual Kirsty! That's 3 cards for the pile eh!

Sue said...

I remember seeing something about the number of germs that linger on our cosmetics...yuck.

Love the cards, but especially the last really pretty one.

Louise said...

I'd heard that about mascara's too!! could work out very expensive!! Fabulous cards i love the use of the corrugated card x