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5 Dec 2012

Puuuurty little things

Belles had her flu and pneumonia jab on Monday night - it was a freaking nightmare.  She is needle phobic and was completely petrified.  Its so hard to watch her go through the ordeal, even with Emla cream, but she is on the vulnerable list and had to have it whether she liked it or not.  Then, to make things worse, she had bloods drawn today.  That was also a palaver as the correct paperwork didn't even exist let alone be wrong to start with.  So that visit took longer than your average blood draw (and in a waiting room full of coughs and colds - I just know those germs are working their nastiness in me right this minute!).  So after all the to-ings and fro-ings, it was pointless sending her to college in the afternoon.  Plus, that pneumonia jab has left her arm feeling like she has been punched by a hells angel.

On the way back home, with my car dying from cat converter brokeness, we took a pit stop at The Range.  I LOVE THIS SHOP!  It sells everything you cold ever need for house, home, pets and a little craft.  They don't have an elite range of craft supplies but enough to cherry pick and delight in.  So I bought these little puuuuurtties and they are just dying to be fashioned into something specktackler.

Kraft boxes to decorate (£2! - one is a jewellery box, the other is a housey boxey thing which Ellie and I will decorate to look like a gingerbread house....gluten free....he heeeeeeeee), cupcake polka dot doileys, christmas patterned paper stack, fabric brads for 99p!, Kraft card stack and you see that heart punch?  A lovely lady in Clitheroe gave me that - her name is Beryl and owns the cutest craft shop there.  I love it more than anything, right now.

Later this afternoon, Ellies energy peaked before she crashed out from all the fear and panic and dread over the past 24 hours.  Here she is sporting a rather fetching muzzy.

I can see in this picture just how tired she was and I kid you not, about 4 minutes after this photo was taken, she was wrapped up on the sofa in a deep sleep.  I mean, all you can do is wrap them up and love them, right?

I then got a letter from an priority dermatology department as I have a rather itchy freckle near my left eye.  Its increased in size over the years and is 8mm wide now with a rough patch on the centre.  It makes my eye itch really bad and I need to get it looked at.  I need that eye, like REALLY need it.  Im not losing that to some itchy scratchy fungal fangly thing.

I tell you, we are all falling apart here - pass me the glossy accents!

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Anonymous said...

Its great the jab only causes a minor reaction and yet does so much good hope they will address and help with the phobias asap so ellie can manage in adult care services. There is a lot which can be done but it usually is addressed when they are younger to give time to deal with the hysterical outbursts which the phobia causes. Hope the Dr can refer her for aome help as it is horrible for her to face it.

Sue said...

I love The Range also. Luckily, we had one open not too far away only recently.

Hope Belle's is feeling happier this morning.

Also hope your freckle can be sorted easily.

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, sorry about your rather trying week (I realise that's an understatement!); I do feel for Ellie, most of us don't like needles, but if you have a fear of them it must be dam your crafty buys tho..and hope you get that freckle sorted soon, hugs Carole Z X

Jaki Morris said...

I'm with you on the needle phobia. George is needle phobic and it's not just that they don't like them it's a proper, full blown phobia. Sweaty palms and all. He is receiving therapy from CHAMS but so far it has been rubbish all they want to do is talk about his history!
We have a Range at the top of our road, how's that for convenience?

Take care

Debo said...

Poor Ellie, and poor you for having to see her suffer. We'd willingly take their place, wouldn't we, us mums.
Let's hope that it's really worth it this time! I think your blog could be responsible for a lot of cramped fingers this week, from us all having them crossed for you all!
Hope you can get your freckle sorted ASAP.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was given a live nasal spray this year instead of the jab. Maybe you could ask about it for next year?

Colette x

Louise said...

Hope Ellie has a good night rest after her jabs...they're not nice xx

i enjoy a browse around the range. it's a must visit when we're in Wigan. Looking forward to seeing your designer jewellery box - did you really say it was £2...Bargain!! xx

susiesu said...

Glossy Accents is a brill glue!!! Hope Ellie is feeling much better soon and that your freckle is sorted. Love your crafty buys and can't wait to see the items finished!!! I love The Range and say to friends if they wish to buy me a pressie anything from that shop will be perfect!!! lol Susiesu xxx