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3 Dec 2012

People and props

I've got mini shoots going down at the studio.
When I say mini, I mean mini but today wasn't mini.
I didn't have any other shoots but this one today as most people have booked for next weekend.  So my mini turned into maxi as I faffed with lights, I made the boys chief gadget testers and tried to make them hate me less for being the "scary girl with a massive camera shoved in their mush".

And this was the result.  Their Momma loves this one but brothers, being brothers, do not - mwahahahahaha.

Why not book in this weekend for an incredibly generous offer of a 10 minute shoot with a choice from 15 or so pictures.  You can choose one 12x8 and the same image in 7x5 lab quality print format for a staggering £20 - I know, I must be barking.  You can buy more of course but there is no presh.

To round this blog post off I wanted to share the start of a very special prop I have in the making.  There are lots of additions to this which I am trialling with another new prop on Thursday.  Isn't it pwitty?

Ive got a model and a make up artist (my very special Abigail Lawrence who is AMAZING) coming to make a very special photo scene at the studio on Thursday.  I could cry with excitement.

Right, gotta go.  I had wine tonight and I feel, er, a bit rough.

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