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15 Dec 2012

No right to bear arms

Upon reflection of todays gun massacre in Conneticut, I may be too hasty to throw in my two cents.  Before I do, I feel I must offer my condolences to all those affected - its the most dreadful thing you could ever wish to imagine.  My heart is broken for you.

Two cents:
There are many US citizens who claim it is their right to bear arms - but for what reason?  Self defence?
"Self defence", with a loaded weapon in the house, means manslaughter before you ever think of pulling the trigger.  From the moment you buy it to the moment you might use it..... death is on your mind.  There is no reason to bear arms.  I don't, my neighbours don't - we don't feel the need to.  There is no reason to own a gun unless you are intent on using it to kill (except for sports and legalised hunts - see below)

But I have it for self defence just in case someone comes to rob my house, also with a gun.
Why would that person have a gun.? For what purpose other than to potentially fire it?  Retailers who sell guns to "anyone" are doing so to aid the buyer to kill one day.
Retailers - stop selling guns. 
To anyone.  You don't know if they are good or bad - treat everyone as bad.
People don't need them.

If anyone REALLY wants to own a gun, then it should be registered and kept in a local arsenal where it can be signed out for legal, managed hunts and legal, managed sports.  That's it.  Why else would you need a gun?  Ive never felt the need to go and buy one "just because". 

This is how the new gun law should read:

Customer: I want to buy a gun.
Retailer:  Do you want that for protection?
Customer:  Yes
Retailer:  Then I will not sell you a gun.  If I sell everyone a gun who wants it for "protection", sometimes just one person might just flip out and use it to kill instead.  Owning a gun means you intend to use it kill one day.  You won't need protecting if we ban the sale of guns. Goodbye


Customer: I want to buy a gun.
Retailer:  Do you want that for sports/Hunting?
Customer:  Yes - see answer A.  No - see answer B
A:  Retailer: Then you shall have one but i will register you here and now and have the local sheriff escort you to the local arsenal and have it locked up for you.  You can then use it on legalised sports and hunts days with a permit on said days where are body from that organised day will take your weapon to the event and issue you it there and sign it back in at the end of the event.
B: Retailer:  Then for what other purpose would you need a gun?  I really can't serve you, potential killer. Goodbye

There you go, world leaders.  Ive sorted that little problem for you.

Now, lets sort out the black market on gun trading........... thinking long and hard on that one.

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Patricia Rodriguez said...

Brilliant <3

Patricia Rodriguez said...

Brilliant <3

Anonymous said...

so sad and all you can really consider are the neighbourhoods and the parents, siblings and other relatives of the dead. It has happened too many times and sadly normally there is something similar to this every year before Christmas. May a love and peace of the season surround all and the reason and only reason for the season be the light, hope and joy in your heart and the hearts of those around you as His love is the only love we need and the guidance He will give you will set your heart alight for the world peace and the horrors of man made things can fade as you rest in His love this Christmas [ assuming you are celebrating His birth this month as this is the only reason for Christmas despite the media and social hype of man made junk and so on etc!]

Debo said... anon. Isn't it strange that such a strongly religious country as America has so many shootings????

Such a tragic, unnecessary waste of lives. You are so right, Kirsty, no gun sales = no shootings = no deaths!

Judi said...

Totally agree with you Kirsty. I can't think of a single reason that anyone would possibly need a gun for. As you say if people must use them for legal hunting then yes, lock them away safely at a gun club only to be taken out when needed. Sadly even normal, sensible people can flip and if they have a gun (or any weapon) readily to hand it's going to end in disaster and loss of life.
It's happening all too often here as well as the USA. Unfortunately people will always be able to get a gun if they are that determined.

Now Anon... what utter twaddle! I cannot believe that as a Christian you are criticising Kirsty for considering the neighbourhoods, parents, siblings etc; That doesn't seem a very Christian statement to me, certainly not a caring one! And if you really believe that His is the only love we need then you are clearly neither married nor a mother. As for saying that the horrors of man made things will fade as you rest in His love - how disrespectful to those poor heartbroken families whose lives are torn apart and will never be able to celebrate Christmas again! I am in tears at your heartlessness. If you are so critical and so offended by what Kirsty writes then don't come over to her blog. Sometimes I laugh at your pathetic comments, today I am annoyed by them!

Kirsty keep writing your thoughts as you believe them and those of us who care about and enjoy reading them will continue to read and, if we choose to, write a nice comment. xx

Carole Z said...

Totally agree Kirsty and the American members of my family would agree with you too, as we have discussed this many times on visits to them. They don't own guns and don't feel the need to..such a tragic waste of tiny lives and those people whose work is to educate and protect them. Very very sad, Carole Z X

Mia said...

What happened in CT was tragic and horrific. What happened in China on the same day, where a knife wielding man slashed 22 elementary students was also tragic and horrific. Whether it be guns, bombs or knives a senseless act of violence is just that a senseless act. No amount of 'control' is going to change a persons method if their intent is to destroy and or kill.