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21 Dec 2012

New prop!

I needed a prop that would be useful for every type of shoot I have here.  And as there is a wonderful workshop on my studios site, I indulged in bringing this together with them.  The Steps programme (aptly named, considering) is a transitional service where by special needs people get to work on timber projects for the community; gaining skills and self confidence.  Its a wonderful opportunity for special needs people to feel valued and be taught a trade as well as socialising with people of their own genre.  All this as well as reaching out to the public and showing off their skills and talents.  Its a non-profit organisation which I fully back - I think what they do is marvellous.  And my steps are no exception!  I was happy to pay them for such superb work and know it was made by individuals wanting to be "given the chance".

And today they were ready.

And as luck would have it, I had mini shoots tonight.  The kids LOVED it although jumping from the top was not what I wanted to hear from one of them so Mums and Dads had to stand vigil during the shoots just in case one of the kids wanted to play kamikaze.

I have met some wonderful children during these mini shoots and these little imps will go down in my hall of fame for trying out my new prop in style!

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Judi said...

Love, love, love the new prop and, of course, what you have done with it Kirsty! xx

Sue said...

Really fabby photos of the children.

Debo said...

Inspirational!! (In so many ways!)

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why are you so far away Kirsty? Love all your shots, especially the kids! Brilliant. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. XxX

EmmGee said...

Looks like those steps are a great success. I'm sure you could organise storage shelves in the back of them! Your petit studio will be jam packed soon. Have lots more fun in the New Year. xxx

EmmGee said...
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Carole Z said...

Fabulous photos Kirsty, love the steps! Carole Z X