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10 Dec 2012

My Weekend

Has been a rush.
Its been lovely though.

Here it is in picture form, using my trusty iPhone:

Crafting with poochy

Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks - I die.

Wishing on a star - where would it lead me?
To baby jesus of course, Im a wiseman!

Doting on this creature, playing with her curls, inhaling her loveliness

Sing songs in the car with my girl - iphone graphics courtesy of Instalovin packages from Rhonna

Frappacinos are her new fave thing

Erm, more gingerbread lattes with starbuck fruit toast.  Obscenely delish

And that was it including teaching, photographying, migraines, stressing, laughing, sleeping - all the stuff that makes the world go round.
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Anonymous said...

great place to be, being led to baby Jesus. the only reason for the season and so it is amazing news to hear you have found Him and His love and care for you.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Thats debatable, Anonymous pants.

Alana said...

Love your pics yet again, your pooch just kills me every time:) ihearyou on the migraines, just had a week of them but they come with the season for me:(

Debo said...

ROFL (re above!)

Anonymous said...

Was that coffee tax free. Pbb

Anonymous said...

Was that coffee tax free. Pbb

Jaki Morris said...

I thought Christmas was all about the baby cheeses and, 'What', Jesus' tortoise