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3 Dec 2012

My thoughts on makeovers plus special offer

Ive had an increasing amount of enquiries about my makeover shoots this past week.  I love doing them; I am completely giddy when I see the transformation taking place and the client enjoying the experience.   One particular pet hate is the exploitation of over editing that seems to be the "go to" reason for makeovers.  90% of the time, the client has lovely skin and very few lines to not even warrant it.  Therefore airbrushing is truly uncalled for; although I am seeing a lot of it regardless.

I do very little editing as I don't have the time to do this on EVERY image (that can be between 80 and 120 sometimes) plus I don't have the unnecessary software that doesn't precisely "airbrush" effectively. Im a sole trader and do not have a team of retouchers (maybe one day, yes?!). So I have perfected my skills to bring the best finish to all my makeovers - ones that I will hope change the way you think about them.

Imagine going to a makeover shoot that you might have seen on Groupon for £20 - bloody fantastic value considering that makeup artists charge up to £60 for hair and makeup from the get go - that's without the cost of a glass of fizz, the photographers time, the retouchers time and the prints.  You go for the shoot, be prepped and preened like a princess, they take a ton of pic and ask you to sit aside as they edit each image by running it through software that "guesses" the edit.  Within 20 minutes, you get to keep one image and then asked to select more for ££££££ that you were not expecting. Hidden costs are a NIGHTMARE and their sales tactics, to get you to buy more images, are even worse. But you do because the experience has been wonderful and you look completely different.  It feels good to know that the edits give you porcelain skin and twinkly eyes.  Believe me, I see the attraction!

I don't think its wrong over airbrush a client but I just choose not to.  There are ways of smoothing over blemishes without making the client look like a wax work doll.  A luxury makeover and shooting, with me in good light, will still make you feel a million dollars and yet your proofs will show that wonderfulness of the natural you.

I want to share some examples with you:
This is a gorgeous girl from a recent makeover.  There are tiny blemishes on her nose and cheeks.  The image is straight out of camera with no retouching.  All I do is blot the little blemishes away and smooth the skin over gently - as not to take away the natural look of the skin.  Note: If I have a client over with tired or acne scarred skin, I can still give them a natural finish with luxury makeup and beautiful lighting.

 All it takes is 1 minute.  Often 30 seconds.  Thats it, blemish free.

Then I run a colour wash and boost over it with dodge and burn - exactly like they used to do in the old days, in the dark room!  A colour wash is just a filter - it brightens and boosts buut its not photoshopping at its most horrid.  Its classed as enhancement.

However, this is how it appears that most Internet voucher makeover style studios can finish your image, below.   I kid you not, the smoothing goes right into the eyes - there is barely any definition and the skin does NOT look like skin.  Showing an image like this to your friends and then have them comparing the image to you, standing there, is not going to give you the compliments of "you look gorgeous".  Its more likely to be "you look completely different".  And its true.  Fortunately, mu client plummed straight for the natural finish and she had her prints within 3 days (two of them days were transit time!).

If you are considering having a makeover shoot with Abigail and I (here in Wigan), they are normally £249 for the entire experience and ten 12x8 lab quality prints to keep.  Come with a friend and we can do this for £300 (that's £150 each).  Abigail and I will give you full attention whilst you are primped and preened with a glass of fizz on arrival.  We have a cosy and comfy lounge area to sit in whilst preparations are under way.  We promise to make the entire event fun filled, daring, exciting and most of all, enjoyable.

We are just off the M6 at J26 plus we have two train and a mainline bus station but a short distance away - I can even pick you up!  Contact me via HERE to learn more.

Here are a few more makeover images to whet your appetite:

Treat yourself this christmas time and come for a wonderful experience here at Kirsty Wiseman Photography.

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Carolyn Phillips said...

The bottom of those examples is horrid, she has no shape to her face and all the lovely colour from her eyes is gone, I much prefer what you are doing.

Jaki Morris said...

You are such an ace photographer that I was happy with my images and I didn't even have a makeover!


Anonymous said...

I love what you are doing.... Photoshop has it's place but it isn't to "airbrush" people. One of these days I will travel over t'hills and book a photoshoot with you. :-) Jude.x