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25 Dec 2012

Let the festivities begin

I think we are all over the sick bug which is good because we wanted to focus on our provisions for the big day feast.  Cooking and baking are not my strongest points but what I do know, I do know well.

This recipe is a firm favourite in our house and not just at Christmas.  Its a huge gammon ham, slow cooked in 2 litres of cherry coke for 7 hours.  We then drain it and lather it in rich, orange marmalade.  Simply wrap it in foil and slow roast for 2 hours.

Of course, we will be having this with Turkey and all the trimmings.  Hopefully enough for left overs in a sammich or two ;)

The alternatives are being cooked in ginger ale and topped with cranberry sauce.  Or how about cooking in cider and then smothering in apple sauce?

What would you do?

PS:  Have a wonderful Christmas, won't you?

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Di said...

Ordinary non-diet coke here - but the cherry coke could be one to try next time :)

Merry Christmas to all of you Kirsty! So glad you've recovered. Hugs, Di xx

Bettyann said...

Merry Christmas....the ham looks and sounds delish....

Anonymous said...

Dear Kirsty - I hope you have had a lovely and peaceful Christmas break. Thank you for the gammon recipie, I am going to try it for a new years day meal with new potatoes and roasted veg. You have been so open this year with all the trials that life has thrown at you and at times I have felt your pain as I too have a child with a few heath issues and it can be a lonely place. Praying God blesses you and all your family this coming year and I hope your strength of character sees you through, remember you are not alone, we all care too.
CarrieB xxxx

EmmGee said...

I do hope that you're all feeling much better now - Friday. We had that gammon on Christmas Day, ordinary coke I think, certainly not the cherry variety. Very tasty. Happy New Year.