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12 Dec 2012

Domestic Goddess

I consider myself the pastry queen - both for sweet and savoury dishes.  However, tonight's offerings was a little off beat as I had no lard in the house.  Therefore I indulged in pure butter and flour.  The butter was ice cold and so was the water - a key factor with crumbly, light pastry.  Then I roll it out thinly (with cold hands) for a savoury pie crust because that is our my family like it.

So for tea, tonight, we have savoury mince pie with a little milled salt added into the pastry.

And then for laters, we had sweet mince pie with a little icing sugar added to the pastry to sweeten it up.

If anyone is going to take me on, in a pie-off.... beware.
You will lose.

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Sue said...


Debo said...

We'll see you on the Great British Bake Off next year!!!