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29 Dec 2012

Art Journals

I don't profess these to be my number one craft of choice but I cannot help but drool over them when I blog hop, from time to time.  At the end of the working day, with so much on my mind........ such as varying emotions, forgetfulness, tardiness, eagerness to help, pain and worry - I can only imagine that this kind of art is a therapy.  I know how sobering it feels to just splash a bit of colour on a page and empty your head on it.... rather like I do when I blog most days.

These are a few pages that has had me thinking about what to plan over the next few weeks.  I think that 2013 will see me incorporating these beautiful ideas into some "me" time.

Love the doe eyes on these dolls - this blog is jam packed with beautiful doe-eyed dolls

All these textures make me sigh with envy - see here for more yumminess

I love how rustic this book looks - see her blog here

Good old Dina, right?

This is a blog also rammed with a collection of wonderful journal ideas

This is how I want my future journals to look

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Ruth said...

Hi Kirsty, just having a quick catch up. These are lovely. Happy New Year to you and your family. Wishing you well in your new business venture too. Ruth x

Tina said...

You will love it Kirsty, there is an art journaling for women fb page with lots of inspiration if you are interested?

EmmGee said...

I'll second Tina! Several folk that you know already in the Art Journalling for Women fb group. I need to do some more next year.

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, this is something I have meant to take up for 'me' time...maybe 2013 will be when I start too..Happy New Year! Carole Zxx

Anonymous said...

ideas yes and then take them and focus on you and what you want and not what someone else has done! Even if they had their name in lights and every over priced full of advertising craft magazine it doesnt make it right to copy their ideas for the sake of it so be feee and relax. enjoy the experience of unique ideas - your ideas and be satisfied with who you are and not who you think they might assume you need to be! Enjoy it and it is a form of therapy esp for those who are distressed anaxious and full of self doubt

susiesu said...

Hi Kirsty in case I forget Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for sharing these art journals - love the textile one. I have been art journaling for about 15 months and love it. If you haven't already done so, take a look at the Dyan Reaveley Appreciation site. What the hell is Anon on about now? - you are unique and don't need to copy anything but the inspiration is there just to inspire! Art is therapy and maybe that is just what you need in 2013. Have a brilliant 2013. lots of lv Susiesu xxx

susiesu said...

Sorry Kirsty forgot the name has now changed to 'The Dyan Reaveley Society of Art Journaling'! lol Susiesu xxx