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16 Dec 2012

And the tree is up

We broke the back of christmas shopping buying 99% of the familys gifts.  We hit lucky as town was not as rammed as we first feared.  So many bargains to be had this time of year when, normally, the sales are AFTER christmas.  This helps soften the blow to a tight budget, for sure.

We enjoyed a rare lunch out

And then came home to put the tree up

2 hours later it looked like this

Finally, we dressed the pooch up, much to his disdain

And you know what?  After all that, Im still NOT feeling it.

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Anonymous said...

pray that the peace and love of the celebration which is only for the Christian festival of the birth of our Lord Jesus. giving presents as a reminder it is His birthday and share the joy of giving to those you care about enough to treat them to a gift to remember our Lord. Nothing else matters- trees, hats, food, crackers and a waste of money is not what He wants for any life inc yours and that of your daughters. Share with them the miracle of Christmas and why we love it because we love our Lord and praise His name and the miracles we see and have because of his birth x

Sue said...

Glad you have most of your Christmas shopping done.

Loving the tree and your little pooch is adorable.

Really hope you are feeling it soon. Maybe it will suddenly hit you.

Kerry said...

Me either. Husband and kids have nicknamed me The Grinch this year!

Fiona said...

Not feeling it either but the tree is gorgeous and so is the pooch.

Jaki Morris said...


Lisa-Jane said...

Do you know what's funny? Apart from that cracking photo of young Eddie? Is that we had the same conversation last year. You were feeling bleurgh, Anon tried to put you right about the true spirit of Christmas, and several of us made the point about the REAL meaning of the Season, the pre-Christian one. Kirsty, just a few more days and we can celebrate the return of the light xx