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2 Dec 2012

A walk in the woods

Today was family shoot day.  I had the pleasure of meeting Alison and Paul with their munchkin, little Zac.  Alison wanted a mixture of both Urban and studio photography and of course I obliged.  Its been a while since I took clients up this gorgeous country lane.  The sense of infinity is a wonderful design principle used in many paintings and photography (more commonly knows as "continual").  We had to wait for a fella to finish walking down it before I could talk the picture.  It was a beautiful day but a tad on the chill (if not muddy) side.

Its been one very busy day for photographs.  And then, if that wasn't enough, both Belles and I declared that there were bargains to be had.  Sainsburys are doing 25% off 6 bottles of wine.  And my fave Pinot Grigio is on offer at £4.99 a bottle (usually its £9.99!).  This meant I got 6 bottles of wine for just under £24 when it could have been £60).  I can feel a few tiddly nights in this christmas!  I can feel a little spendage coming on over some chablis, vouvre and sancerre at this price.  slurs words at mere thought of all this boozing.

I then went to Ikea.  I needed some little bits for props for my fab mini shoots coming up.  I was so happy with my purchases but even more ecstatic when I spied this little monsters at a £1 a pack.  Could anything be more beautiful than black tags with white type font?  Swoon.  A bloody pound, I mean - that's just stupid.  Here are some others that I bought for.....cough cough.....a silly, stinking pound!

Ellie and I then went to Toys R Us to look at things to buy for family christmas gifts.  She bought an Orbeez foot spa with her birthday money and has been fiddling with the little globule-y things all night.  Such simple things please this wonderful girl.

And then we went to the largest cake store in the UK.  Not to buy cakes because this store sells everything you could want for making and decorating cakes (except cocoa, which is what I wanted - what the hell is wrong with them.....COCOA?  Hello, for chocolate cakes??!!!).  Ellie was in her absolute element, I kid you not.  She pawed over all the edible glitters and fancy decorations.  She begged me to buy some edible gems and so I did.  But on the way around, I noticed a shelf of stamps. They looked so familiar that I had to do one of those comedy cartoon double head shakes.  There was an entire shelf laden with my stamps.

I could NOT believe it.  I honestly and truthfully never saw my stamps in much abundance; anywhere.  I mean, I know I design them but to actually SEE them in a shop made me quite teary-happy-feel silly-ellie happy.

And there you go.  For now.  Until tomorrow.

PS:  fancy meeting my friend, Bacon Sammich, this years Pig on a Twig? (or Hog on a Log, as Ellie calls him).....he is our Anti Elf on the Shelf for 2012.
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Dawn said...

Where is the cake shop that stocks your stamps! I'm off to Ikea soon to pick up some of those fabulous tags!

Missus Wookie said...

Oh how lovely to see your stamps. Sending Wookie off to IKEA later and adding those tags on as well!

Jaki Morris said...


I'll just drive the sixty miles to my local Ikea and grab myself a bargain.

Oh, and thanks for the heads up about Sainsbury's, I'll be up there right after the school run in the morning!


ginny c said...

your stamps are lovely kirsty, i have a few sets hope ellie enjoys her present she brought, hugs ginny x

Judi said...

Fab photo in the country lane. LOVE those tags, our Ikea is a bit far away but really need some so may just have to pay a visit.

Nice to see so many of your stamps in that shop, you'll be pleased to know there are some in the shop where I teach too! I have used your snowflake background in a class, it's gorgeous! xx

EmmGee said...

Scene in weather presenter Carok Kirkwood's background this morning looked just like the woodland walk in your family shoot! Thought of you! xx