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7 Nov 2012

Those pesky photocorners

Photocorners come and go in scrapbook trends (what would I know about trends in scrapping, I'm rubbish at scrapping these days - but still).  I was sorting through my stash the other day (and yes, I'm still sorting it our ready to sell!) and I saw a chevron pattern amongst my photocorner box!  HOORAY!  I love chevrons and they are so hot right now.

So I pulled out a few black and white ones and made this and also used some of my stamps, too.

I'm pretty chuffed with it.

Happy little accidents like this make me very happy!

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Sue said...

Fab card.

Jaki Morris said...

Wish I could have another happy accident in your stash. (oo eer that sounds so wrong)

I adore that ribbon and that stamp I may have to make an impulse purchase quite soon


Carole Z said...

Super card and use of the corners Kirsty! Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Do you tie the ribbon through the centre of the card so it is more bulky to send or place it neatly behind the matting and layering and make a false bow? need to cut down on bulk with P&P being too expensive for many to afford now!

Jaki Morris said...

Just a thought, as you have made a card for literally pennies, the money you saved on buying a mass produced, over priced, shop card can be spent on the additional postage?