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22 Nov 2012

Stick and go

I bought a little pack of pretty 3d stickers approx 5 years ago. I just fell in love with how cute the cafe scene was. It's been in my line of sight, in my craft room - all that time. As if willing me to use it. But my resistance had been persistent. Until tonight.

Feeling bereft of true craft time of late, due to a backlog of work, I felt the urge to craft for a whole five minutes. All it took was a swift cut of my guillotine on cardstock, a snip of ribbon and the downsizing of a doiley. 3d foaming of some matting then sticking the pre-made embelly stickers into place.

I mean, it was the fix I needed and I'm sustained for another 24 hours. Who needs chocolate, right?

Love Kirsty x

Blogged from my iPhone because I was too lazy to blog from my mac.


Sue said...

Fabby card.

Anonymous said...

ready made! LOL! We love it as much as we love so much else!