Ladies Camera Club

11 Nov 2012


He is ze cutest dog on the block, no?

A little "laptop drawing whilst watching a dvd" moment for you.  Why not add "It's been so loooooooooooong" to a card or maybe "Hot diggity dawg". Or just Happy Birthday, me old sausage.  LOL

You go and grab the little rascal HERE


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Caroline said...

Thank you Kirsty for both of the images they are gorgeous. Hugs Caroline xxx

Sue said...

He's lovely. Thanks for the freebie.

Carole Z said...

Thanks Kirsty! SO cute X Carole Z X

GrĂ¡ O'Neill said...

Beautiful image. I wonder who inspired him?! :D

Bumblebee said...

he is amazing!!!! They had some super cute cardis for little girls in Sainsburys with eddy dogs on, but they were too small for Elles!

Di said...

Brilliant Kirsty! How did you get Eddy to pose with a beret on then?! :) Hugs, Di xx