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20 Nov 2012

Let it go

I fell in love with this Banksy image a while back.  It reminds me of a song by Sting slash The Police (unsure and CBA to google it).  If you love someone, set them free........

Not that letting go of a lovely red heart balloon would make you happy and nor would it come back to you.  But then there is hope, right?  Never let go of hope.

What I like about this image and what I was talking to my friends about recently is that there are varying depths of how you can perceive or convey it.  It was a therapeutic session where everyone got their say and everyone listened to each others tales.  None of them were doom and gloom.  Truly, it was an uplifting experience.  Perhaps that's where the balloon comes into play.  That Banksy fella is genius.

I think of it as a positive and happy little picture.

And once you let go, all those heavy weights float away too. 

Sigh.  Just wonderful.

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Carole Z said...

I love this image too and totally agree with what you say...and I'm from Bristol, home of Banksy...lucky to have so many reminders of this work across the city and the most amazing exhibition -ever- a few years back! Carole Z X

Nancy Wyatt said...

Love this!!