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16 Nov 2012

Lemon dribble

Tis a short post tonight as I have my folks over.

As aforementioned folks are here, it would rude not to make cakes. I was going to make pear and chocolate loaf but I had no cocoa powder in my "almost bear" cupboards. This called for emergency thought and panic ingredients. In the form of lemon.

No sooner had it left the oven were 2 inch thick sliced served to the family.

It was divine. Utter heaven. Slobber slobber slurp.

Love Kirsty x
Blogged from my iPhone because I was too lazy to blog from my mac.


Anonymous said...

thought you had a medical need for gluten free foods? This doesnt look like it is gluten free so well done on watching them enjoy it all!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Oh anonymous, you need to stop getting your uber large judgemental knickers in a twist.
It is gluten free, do stick that in your miserable pipe and smoke it.