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6 Nov 2012

Lavvy roll art

I have not a moment to myself since I got back from Gay Paree.

This morning I did feel quite unwell but that is attributed to the fact I ate a ton of gluten.  When you are in Paris there is no bloody way you are going to pass up on un baguette and sweet pastries and other lardy gluten fuelled delicacies.  It was worth the tummy ache, migraines and other vile body batterings I endure.  I thought that french bread might be better on the old digestive system as Le French don't ply their baked goods with half as much crap as the Uk's recipes.  Aaaaah well.

Bonus of today was that Ellie was off college and boy was she as sweet as sugar today.  My little pal and my reason for trudging through my life.  I'm so consumed by her and that was doubly cemented whilst I was away.  Both Emma and I are Momma's to one child each.  Our conversations would flit from who was best at speaking French (Emma)to who could get their fist in their mouth the most (Emma) to who was most awesome (me) to our kids.  Loved it.

I'm not ready to regale my dramatic trip to Gay Pareeeee until Ive got this weeks deadlines cleared up and Hobbycrafts show out of the way.  But let me tease you and tell you that it was fraught with drama, laughs, Fearne Cotton, lunges, soccer Moms, sweet pastries, vintage shopping, oyster eatings, ablution nightmares, directions that wasn't even the right direction, French Algerians, transvestites, padlocks, tears of laughter, beer, coffee, wine, food, food, food, comice pears, feeling fruit, scarey showers, double room - not twin room, blonde hair, capes, nutella, instagram, free wifi, mcbaguettes, crepes, macaroons, cameos, no central heating and sacre couer.

That's not even half of it.

Instead, Ill share some images that I nicked off the Daily Mails website because I just love how an artist has made art out of lavvy roll.  (you can read the full article here)

Ive seen it all now

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EWhyley said...

awwww i got a wash of lovely paris memories reading that! Even the toilet ones.. mwaaa xx

Andie said...

Wow, Can't wait to read more. I love the bog roll decor, he's not going to run out for a while is he. What a great ad for Andrex et al, x

EmmGee said...

No, I'm still not going to take up quilling!! EmG x