Ladies Camera Club

19 Nov 2012


I've approx 64367468965322 beads that I've bought slash acquired over several years. They're almost too pwitty to use and often I'll just look at them and sigh.

Well, with crimbly coming up and the fact I'm feeling generous and share-y, I got the beads out tonight and crafted some fine jew-wy whilst watching tv with my folks.

This is the some of my booty, My mother is currently sporting hers with her nightgown and is looking damn fine!  No need for pictures of it, you can imagine, its just lovely! Instead, here are two pics of my haul, the rest are just too awesome to be photographed.

This is for a birthday gift

This little number is for moi

And to top it off, here is another crimbly card to add to my collection

And that was the sum of my day

PS:  Helen?  12 stars.  Almost died.

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Jaki Morris said...

Is there no end to your talent?
Oh, and just to let you know I am totally stealing that idea of the white flowers on the card!


Helen Anderson said...

Lol!! Yes I'm hoping to make at least another 25 today to add to the pile. May be climbing the walls by Friday!
Gorgeous jewellery! You is such a talented chickadee :) xx

Sue said...

Fab jew-wy:) and I am loving the card.

Barbara said...

Your jewellery is gorgeous Kirsty, love the pink set. Have been having a go at making necklaces for a mini wire dachshound who loves to wear them. Making her a xmas one with red beads and some shamballa beads to give it a bit of sparkle.

Julie Brooks said...

Beautiful pieces xx