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25 Nov 2012

Hello 17

Well that crept up quick. I don't think I got over the shock of her turning 16. And next she will be 18 and that scares me more.

This little love didn't want anything special for her birthday. She is happy surrounded by us, in our bubble with a warm house and lots of love. When I persuaded her to spend some money on herself, she bought one thing for £10 and another thing for £5. Im not entirely delighted with the things she bought but she chose them and she is happy....... That's what counts.

Mark and I were out tonight. It's one of the few times we can talk about Ellie and her future. We enjoyed a meal (and a vino!! Oh and also this weird Brazilian cocktail that was like petrol combined with moonshine). We can't truly make plans for Ellie as one day, she might figure it all out for herself. I dont want to shape her into a perfect square when she might just want to be a rhomboid, you know? We just have to keep an eye on her and let her find her feet.

Although we did discuss a safety net for her future. And it hurt to do this because really, parents of a 17 year old shouldn't have to. But we did and we can use it if it's needed.

She is at her Nanna's house tonight and for the first time ever, she will wake up in a different place on her actual birthday. Things like this break her routine, which she actually needs and hopefully might jerk a change in direction. Who knows.

Whatever life throws at her at least she has the comfort of home and family to fall back on. Really, what else could anyone need more than that?

Happy Birthday, wonderful girl x


Anonymous said...

happy birthday Ellie. You are 17 and so go and spend that money with your friends. Get your hair done, coloured, styled anything you fancy it doesnt matter! nails, make up [ free ideas and samples at the make up counters etc!] then go and have a meal and a laugh, take pics of your friends, put them on your facebook wall. laugh and relax with your friends. Your parents and grandparents will understand and if they dont be a teenager anyway and enjoy it! if you are tired well do some of that one day and spread the fun over several days. you are only 17 once!! enjoy it and make the most of every second of time with friends and time to have fun, rebellious fun!

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to Ellie. Hope she has a lovely day.
We did a very similar thing when our DS2 was turning 17/18. 6 years later and today he is coming towards the end of the (for them) year long process of applying for a Residents Visa to move to the States and marry his lovely American girlfriend!! He was my whole life for the first 19 years of his - then suddenly everything seemed to click into place for him. There is always hope and the element of surprise! LOL! Not that I'm suggesting Ellie will emigrate; but she will find her own feet one day. :-D

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Ellie xxxx

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Ellie.

I am sure Ellie will blossom and find her way.

Vera said...

Happy birthday Ellie belle!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Dear Anon
You really are deluded.

Judi said...

Hope you all enjoyed Ellie's birthday and I hope she had a great day with her lovely family.

As for Anon - words fail me! xx

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! send loads of love and hugs to you and your great family!! xx

ginny c said...

hope ellie had a lovely birthday hugs ginny xx

Bettyann said...

Happy Birthday dear Ellie...take care..

Debo said...

Happy birthday, Ellie! You are a beautiful, lovely, special girl!

(I don't think Anon understands English! She's definitely from another planet!)

Debbie x

fionalawlor said...

A very Happy Birthday to Ellie!! You are both very lucky :) You Kirsty to have such a beautiful,talented daughter and Ellie to have such a loving, fantastic mother :)
Hope you both have a fabulous day but especially to Ellie the birthday girl!!
Fiona L x