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1 Nov 2012

Gay Pareeeee

On Friday my friend Emma and I are flitting off to Pareeeeeeeee.
Ive never actually ever met Emma.   I am a friend of a friend of a friend through facebook.
Im not even flying out with her.  Im meeting her at Charles de Gaul.
She and I have an intensely humorous relationship.  I honestly burst out laughing at the conversations we have and the updates she announces.
Proper, full on and belly aching style laughs are what fuels me to stay alive.

In all seriousness, though, I could actually end up being bludgeoned to death by her with a baguette.
Good way to go, I say.
Hope its a gluten free one.
Death by (gluten free) baguette is better than death by Brussels sprout, right?

We have made no plans, really. I think our hope is to hop from un cafe to another to eat our body weight in le creme brulee and tres many macaroons.

If we happen upon some touristy thing, we shall toss our noses in the air for the entire trip is fraught with calories, not mona lisa's and stupid old towers.  We even sniff at fine art and history unless of course there is a museum dedicated to the art of snorting pastries and quaffing vino de blanc.

We managed to get le bargain of ze century with a hotel in appt 18.  Its near Monmartre, which is my fave part of le city.  £30 a night is the kind of hotel prices I like which does NOT include meals but then when you are eating in every cafe you pass, you kind of don't want that anyway.  I think if we take it slowly, we could manage 557 creme brulees and 3997 macaroons in the entire weekend.

Good job I booked a double seat for the return flight.  Thus negating any chances of sitting next to smelly man - you know, the ones that make a beeline (and prey) for women traveling alone.  Yeah, smelly man always love me.

So there you go, they's the plans for me this weekend.  Pray for me.

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Birdie said...

I know Emma - can i come and keep an eye on you both? J'adore Paris and can speak une peut.... Have a great time Kirsty (twas nice knowing you!!!) Denyse xxxxx

Sheilagh said...

Have a FABULOUSLY AMAZING time, don't you just love the WWW for bringing us wonderful crazy friends?



Sue said...

Have a lovely time.

Laura said...

Bon Voyage!! :)

Jaki Morris said...

Zut alors! Quelle domage, je suis occupé ce week-end.

Adieu mon amis


Carole Z said...

Have a fabulous time!!! C'est magnifique :) Carole Z X

Diane said...

No kidding... that's exactly how I met my hubby... met online.. decided to meet & I moved in with him on the same day in spite of warnings from my sister that he could be an axe murderer!! One day I must tell that story. Most people don't believe me even when I do tell it LOL