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23 Nov 2012

finding inspiration

Pinterest kills me with millions of ideas of what I could do to the house, with my life and my crafting.  I love it but often that "quick ten minutes" turns into 3 hours, by which time I have burned retina's and create a starving family.
Ive been saving these for a little while and am glad I saved hours of searching tonight. Here are some of my fave things I want to take inspiration from (click images to take you to the originating website):
I know this is pretty simple but I just love how effective it is.

My goodness, this is the most awesome card ever in the world of cards

That bow is to DIE for

Again, simple but ever so lovely

And i have a million colour combos that this would be perfect for - isnt it wonderful?

Also, whilst I'm whittling on at a ridiculous hour...........

I've just baked my fourth load this week. Belles wants to take some cake into college along with a tub of Celebrations for her classmates. I've nailed the most perfect recipe using a combo of various ingredients. I prefer to bake half butter/half stork, half sugar/half fruisana, plain flour with gluten free baking powder, one less egg and substitute that egg with milk. Have to say, the whole thing works a treat. Go me.

I'm teaching at Crafts 4 u 2 do in Dentons Green, St Helen's this Saturday and on Sunday, I'm at a craft store in Clitheroe - demonstrating for Stix 2. The things you can do with adhesive other than just "stick" is awesome. Pop along if you can.

On Monday I have two makeover shoots with my trusty MUA, Abigail Lawrence. Then Friday I have an event photography job on. Then on the 2nd, 8th and 9th Dec, I have an incredible special deal on at the studio. But more on that next week......

Until then, sweet dreams x

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twinkletoe said...

Those are indeed beautiful cards. I must get cracking and start my Christmas cards! Your cakes sound yummy!

Judi said...

So what will you do with your 'spare time" Kirsty?!!! LOL, I'm tired just reading that lot! Mmm, that bow certainly is fab-bow-lous!xx

Sue said...

Really fabby cards.

Think you need a holiday to recharge your batteries:)

Jaki Morris said...

I heart that heart card. And the bow? Speechless


Marie said...

LOL Kirsty. You must have Downton Abbey on the brain. It's "Denton's Green" ;) That did make me chuckle :)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oh yes, Marie - im such a wally

Carole Z said...

Wow you have found some stunning cards here...and the little cardi is so cute! Carole Z X