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24 Nov 2012

Dachshund through the snow

Well, actually, in my coat.

I love going to my studio with this fella in tow. He finds a comfy spot by my desk (usually a blanket or my coat) and he burrows but a whisker away.

I'm obsessed with him. Can't you guess why?


Sue said...

He's adorable.

Carole Z said...

Kirsty, he is so adorable and your photo is just perfect..absolutely! Have a great day, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

story on our local news a few weeks ago about a child with a serious allergy to certain pet fur etc dogs died after being in a room where they had been taken and the parents had no idea dogs would be allowed there

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Dear "full of the joys of sping" Anon,

Good job I'm not:
A: suddenly allergic to the dig we've raised for four years
B: so unhappy that I feel the need to spread misery on other peoples blogs.
C: going to lose sleep with your eternally ridiculous and unnecessary comments.


Julia said...

Beautiful dog, lovely photo and I'm laughing out load at your blog post title - inspired!

Jaki Morris said...

A story in our local press a few weeks hence is about a person who will be found dead in their home. Apparently they died from being full of spite, jealousy and venom. Sad thing is that they won't be found for months as no one actually cares about them.

Happy Saturday everybody


Barbara said...

He is a little cutie, dachies are so full of character!!!

Judi said...

So gorgeous and how nice that you are able to take Eddy to work with you rather than leaving him at home. Dream job for any dog owner!

Love Jaki's comment!

Keep spreading the love!!!