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11 Nov 2012


Belles and I wanted to make biscuits this weekend. Not cookies as such, just proper little bickies.

We went to sainsbury's to buy decorations and icing etc. Only they thought that the sprinkles being £1 or 2 for £2 was a bargain??????Belles truly enjoyed the process but over the years, if stopped at the making stage. She'd never eat her wares. But these biscuits were so delicious that she ate almost half of them immediately.

We never did get round to decorating them as the family agreed that icing them would spoil them.  Baking more next week, these really are the bestest ever.

Thanks to my friend Sarah for passing me the link to THIS recipe for them

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Sue said...

Look good enough to eat:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah supermarkets seem to think we are all thick. I bought grapes in Tesco for £2 but was kicking myself for missing the bargain of 2 punnets for £4, lol!!!!

Louise said...

a nice homemade biscuit is a lovely treat!

Sheilagh said...

MMmmm just going to get the recipe ta very much xx