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16 Nov 2012

Almost 17!

Ellie's birthday is approaching too rapidly for me to pick up some momentum.  But one thing that makes her Birthday more comforting is the fact that it really is her most favourite time of year, if not for other reasons.

And one of those reasons is "I'm a Celebrity".  She has grown up with that program always being screened around her birthday.  She gets through her days JUST so she can hunker down under a blanket and watch it with us.  We LOVE Ant and Dec's camaraderie and Mark and I burst out laughing every night at their utter corny slash cheesiness.  For Ellie, I know its something she watches just so that she has some common ground at school/college the next day.

Ive been racking my brains on how to style her 17th Birthday shoot.  But then I have to think that its not really Ellie's scene and if truth be told - she really hates having her photo taken. is a montage of Birthdays past, since we have lived in wigan and moreover, since Ive been blogging, bar 2004.

Wow, that made me quite teary - that little lady hasn't half grown even though she is still a dinky dink.  She recently took a shoe size up to 13 and is now in age 12 clothes so there is progress there!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! *Wubs*....... :-) Just beautiful.
I love I'm a Celeb too. Still waiting for the nasty celeb on this series though. Bit disappointed with that! :-D

Sue said...

Lovely girl. I am sure her birthday will be very special.

Carolyn Phillips said...

What a beautiful set of photographs.

Jaki Morris said...

November is the most wonderful time of the year, as we all know!

I love that montage of her, and you!



Patricia Rodriguez said...

She is gorgeous, a true princess!

Clair Matthews said...

Happy 'almost' birthday to Ellie. Loving the photo montage! xxx

Carole Z said...

Lovely photos Kirsty of your beautiful daughter, hope she has a fab 17th, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

hope the actual day will be one of fun laugter and joy with her friends going out and enjoying teenage life to the full. Some family time can happen on a different day if need be and prolong the celebrations a bit longer! As for planning a photo maybe relax and take some informal shots as and when possible without worrying her. Having sight problems and having a flash go off in your face is horrid really really horrid and experiencing it is the most dreadful horrible thing there is to *endure*!

hello gorgeous said...

such sweetness in every shot, but 2011 is SUCH a doozy, she's a real beauty Kirsty {maybe a jungle theme for this year...lots of glamour and creepy crawlies} however you mark it it will be the way you ALL planned a very FUN way!

hugs as always, lovely ;o)

hello gorgeous xxx