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27 Nov 2012

A peek at the studio and a little va va voom makeover shoot

Finally the studio is taking shape.  When I first viewed it, it was a hideous shade of green with blue gloss work.  I refused to be down-trodden plus I function best in projecting a future in tired looking places.  I get this studio at a fantastic rate, I have to pinch myself at how I struck this place.

So lets look at the before (winces at the vileness of it!) - Looking back at the entrance:

View from the door

 View from behind the door - YUK!

View to the far corner and my little office

Before you see the transformed studio, its fair to say that I have worked like mad to save for furnishings (all second hand - the three seater, two seater and one seater leather recliners from ebay were the deal of the decade) and sectioned off the room to make a kitchen/make up counter area and behind the far door, is my dinky office which houses my props, my desk and a two seater sofa.  This is where I can hide when I rent out my studio space plus a place for Belles to hang out when she wants to come to work with me (and the pooch!)

And look at how lovely it looks now (minus the inherited carpet but I wold love to laminate that eventch)

Still in a cute little nursery mode ....note that the pooch made a "run for it" mid shot!

I was considering filling the walls with canvass images of client shoots but as I hire out the studio space, Im thinking not.  Still, I am one happy little photographer x

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then,  today, I had two lovely girls come to the studio for a makeover shoot.  Abigail Lawrence, my majorly awesome MUA added the va va vooom.  My vision and her creative swoosh of make-uppy magic is here to make gorgeous girls more gorgeous.  Just look at how we team up:

If you would like to treat yourself to a wonderful experience; a truly luxurious makeover that enhances your natural beauty, come a book a session in time for a Christmas gift to yourself.  You will enjoy a glass of fizz on arrival, a hair and makeup session, 3 changes of clothes, lots of photos in various poses using lots of props and great lighting, 10 16x12 hand finished, hand tinted lab quality matt prints (plus the rest of the shoot on disc in low res format) for £249.  No hidden extra costs in our packages.  The packages include everything you would want from a professional studio.
- note: we do NOT airbrush our images as we feel this is unnecessary.  Instead we use awesome lighting, great angles and luxury make up

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Martha Richardson said...

You have done a fabulous cool! I love the before's and after's VA VA VOOM! Best wishes ;)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Wow! Your studio looks fab and so professional. Love the plant´s touch. And the running pooch, of course. :D Gorgeous girls.

Anonymous said...


sparklygirl-Tina said...

An amazing transformation Kirsty - you worked your magic! Just know your gonna have great success!

Sue said...

Studio looks great.

Both young ladies certainly have va va voom:)

Louise said...

you've done an amazing job with your studio!! and what fantastic photos're a star! x

Debo said...

Kirsty, you are AWESOME!!!

Well done and good luck ( tho I don't think you'll be needing any luck!) Just wish I lived closer :(

Deb x

Rooby Whishes said...

wow it look beautiful ...well done xx

Rooby Whishes said...

wow it looks lovely...well done

Jenne said...

It's loooooooking good Mrs Wiseman. Well done on a very professional space. X

Lisa-Jane said...

Wowzers Kirky, that is a whole load of transformations in one post! It looks amazing and they look amazing. Love the action shot of Eddie too!

Kate said...

You sure have brought out the inner goddess in those girls shots. They look fab and without that overdone slutty look I have seen on some other makeover shots (not yours, other peoples IYKWIM!!)

** Kate **