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26 Nov 2012

A lovely weekend.

It's been fraught with activity but then I don't do "lounging" about these days. Yesterday I was at Crafts 4 U 2 Do (St Helens) to teach two fantastic projects to the regulars there.

Then last night Mark and I went to see Michael McIntyre in Liverpool. Ahem, the tickets were my crimbo pressie from last year, I hasten to add! We went out for tapas before the show and I went a little giddy and had wine AND cocktails. I irresponsible of me! I blind ordered a fun sounding cocktail as it was happy hour (2 for 1) and when I tried it, it set my throat on fire. HOOCH! Bloody awful, tasted like horses ass - there was a pure look of disdain etched on my face for the restaurant to wince over! The waitress laughed at me and said she'd replace them for free. We had sex on the beach instead (the drink, not a bit of "how's your father" on the Albert Dock, thank you!!!). I got a bit squiffy - an act of which has not occurred for several years, I may add.

We nipped over to the Echo arena, after that, to watch the show. It was, without doubt, tummy achingly fantastic. I do love this comedian.... Comedy gold. I laughed the whole night through and was thoroughly entertained. Thank you for my best gift ever, Marko.

Then it was back home, past the Liverpool eye, for a cuppa cha to round the night off.

Today I head straight off to demonstrate for Stix 2 at the craft shop in Clitheroe. I was demonstrating their cracker blanks amongst a number of adhesives. It was proper packed and so much fun. I thoroughly recommend trimming your own crackers this crimbo, seriously......... They're cracking. Beryl and Lauren were so kind to me. That kind of warmth makes a huge difference when you work somewhere new!

Then later this afternoon I was away home to my girl. We got ready to go out to the restaurant that she chose to go to. Miller and Carter restaurants are fantastic steak houses and the one at Parbold is heaven on a stick. She invited her nanna and pops too ......... To Ellie, dining with family is king. She didn't invite any friends because she has no friends except class mates ....... Ellie feels safe with family and likes it like that - so my anonymous reader can go and shove her ridiculous suggestions where the sun doesn't shine. Quite frankly, her tedious comments are skull numbingly unnecessary.  Bore off and leave us alone.

And there you go. Non stop action from chez Wiseman.

Aaaaaaaaaand sleep.


Jaki Morris said...

We have one of those restaurants down here so when you,Ellie and Eddie come down we can go there to eat! We call it 'Miller and Armstrong'
Ellie has many friends all around the world and she is a delight!

Love you Curtsy


EWhyley said...

Good for you! To the anonymous poster "BE GONE HAG!" Life is far to precious and short to spend your time trolling through blogs to leave daft coments on, why don't you go and live it!?

Jenne said...

I went to see Michael in October with Mr G. We too had a meal and drinks first. It was a fab night. A friend couldnt go, so she sold me her tickets 1/2 price. I was so so excited.
As for anon.....they will always be anon!!!!

Di said...

What a busy and fab time - and well deserved. Birthday hugs to Ellie. And a swift KITA to your Anonymous and very sick sad though to be still commenting - it's almost harrassment and a shame it's possibly not covered by the new protection from stalkers. But, it might be if we could find out who it is - there are ways I'm sure!

Hugs, Di xx

Shirley Davis said...

Happy Birthday Indeed, Ellie - I am sure it was!

I am so glad you ALL enjoyed your own weekends - so important for you & Mark to have time alone together.

Thoughts re Anon: Kirsty, any one of your 654 Google Connected Friends will know the situation with Dear Ellie and know that the rule book has not yet been written. Indeed, it is my thought that maybe one day YOU will write it so that every other Mum, Dad & Offspring, facing similar challenges, will have somewhere to turn to for experience-based advice. I'll even edit it for you!

Louise said...

glad to see your found some time to go and enjoy yourself x

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday to Ellie!

I have family in Parbold so that restaurant on Parbold Hill is a favourite of ours too when we visit. They make me walk up that hill too!