Ladies Camera Club

9 Oct 2012

What DO women want?

We want a whole ton of crap but don't get it or don't have time to think about creating the time to get it or or feel we can't possibly deserve it.  Well, that's utter horses ass.  We deserve time out, a day off and a chance to have photographs that make us feel like a million dollars.  And you can have that.  Yes, you can.

To help springboard my campaign to celebrate being as "lovely as you are", Sharon popped along to have a little photo loving.  A makeover, a little swoosh of colour and some titivating; its practically effortless yet enjoyable in the process.  Lots of fun, too.

Here is Sharon who came to me for some photo loving - doesn't she look lovely? (and that was before a little swoosh of colour)

And if Sharon wasn't lovely enough, just look at this imp of a daughter she has:

My studio is equipped with dvd players for kids as you have a makeover plus tea and cake on tap.

Even if you come for the tea, its a great day out!


Jaki Morris said...

Amazing is all I can say.

Beautiful photos of a beautiful woman, and an adorable child

Well done you and the power of swoosh


Sue said...

Lovely photos. We can all do with a bit of swoosh:)