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29 Oct 2012

Us time

With our routines being quite manic during the week, us Wiseman's live for the weekends and school breaks.  Well, College really.  Mark is a college lecturer and contrary to most people's expectations, he doesn't get the full allocation breaks like most teachers.  I think he gets 3 weeks less but still.  Ellie has now started her College break which means we get more time together.  I love it.

We were going to go and spend some time with my parents but my car is falling apart and needs repairs.  Its not going past 60mph and despite having the lander sensor changed two weeks back, its gone again but the damage stretches to the exhaust.  Its all far too male and technical for me but I can't really complain as my car has been fairly good to me for the past 8 years until earlier this year when it started to go in various parts.  Plus I don't want to replace her; she is lovely little thing.

So we are stuck here this week but in the mean time, I've managed to secure a booking plus some design work.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand both Ellie and I spent time in my craft room, sorting.

I've put aside a mound of supplies I want to sell.  I was going to list them tonight but we went to the cinema instead to watch Madagascar 3-  It was FANTASTIC and many times I was smiling and laughing.  The humour cracks me up and you can bet I'll be singing "Da da da-da la-da da da da daaaaaaaaaa, Afro circus, Afro circus.  Polka dot, polka dot, Afro circus".

Do check back as I have craft books, embossing folders, trimmers, stamps, embellishments, a craft robo, scrapbook albums, inks, paints, papers and all sorts being put in my mini sale.  I want to put the proceeds towards a lens and a couple of backdrops for the studio.

So, we were in the craft room and as she was sorting my buttons out, I played with a few of my stamps.  These were launched last February (with PI) but I've only just received the hard version!

Its fun to work with them with coloured inks beuase, as you know, you only design stamps in black.  This is what I made

And these colour make me happy plus the stamps look so much better when inked up and stamped - more than I imagined when I designed them.  The words fit inside the banners and are so easy to cut out/around.

Then yesterday, seeing as it was so beautiful and crisp, Mark and I took poochy on a long, autumn walk.  It was exhilarating.  Beech, Cherry blossom and Sycamore trees usually bear the most fabulous colours and this beech was no exception.  The camera on the iPhone 4 is not that bad, really..... is it?

I couldn't resist posing like a proper wally in this picture.  If you can't pose like a wally in your favourite season, where else can you do it?

Talking of Ellie, she has been spending a lot of her time with us of late.  She normally burrows in her own room and does her own thing.  Ive hated that for the past few years but that's who she is and you just have to let your kids have a bit of free leash.  I'm so relieved that she now sits in the lounge with us on a night although she is draining our bandwidth by traversing YouTube watching free movies and funny animal clips.  And as I enjoy watching her and wondering about her, I notice just how grown up she is looking:

And as I write this blog post, she is sat up with me - just snuggling and being cosy in our teeny, tiny home.  Late nights on college breaks with my girl is the BEST time.

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Sheilagh said...

Special family times, I just love it. Fab photo's, fab stamps, where can I buy them?

Enjoy this week



Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, I'm just catching up with blog-land after a lot of crafty stuff (fairs, workshops, demos) this last week and weekend....loved your post today and your photos as always are lush! Super stamps! Carole Z X

Tina said...

Great autumn photos. those stamps look good too, i shall be watching for your mini sale!

Sue said...

Really fab cards.

Lovely photos of the autumns colours.

Have a lovely time with Ellie.

Anonymous said...

lovely and hope Ellie has some fun time this week with her mates from college and possibly some she hasnt seen from school days too. Always good to catch up over a coffee and see what they are all doing now. some will soon be off to Uni; some no doubt have loads of course work and others well there will also be those who will possibly soon be Mummies themselves. All part of lifes rich tapestry as they say!

Jaki Morris said...

I wand to marry that black,white and yellow card and have his babies. That is all

susiesu said...

Fabulous autumnal photos and gorgeous ones of Ellie. Your stamps look amazing Kirsty and love the colours of your cards. What is the black card you have used? Is it crinkly?

So glad you posted anon's comments - they are priceless aren't they??? Enjoy the rest of the week with your family lol Susiesu xxx

Debo said...

I LOVE autumn - the colours are so amazing this year.

Isn't it funny how having our 'babies' with us makes us feel so 'complete'? Mine are both coming home next weekend for my mum's birthday and I'm so excited! And when we all sit together, just slobbing out on the sofa, and our 2 kitties come and join us too, I could just brick up the front door, cut off the phone lines, shut out the world,and I wish I could just teleport us all to a remote island! I think it's what's known as contentment?