Ladies Camera Club

15 Oct 2012

Take two girls

You welcome two everyday chicklets.
You take a before photo, taking in every bit of loveliness as they are.
You swoosh on a little colour but not so much as keeping it simple really is key.
You play music, drink coffee and eat nibbles to relax the soul.
You then place one against a plain white backdrop with a very simple top on.
You get another chicklet to waft air as you direct your client with shoulders back, chin down, chin up, slight smile, no smile, look left, look right.
Sometimes there is spontaneous laughter.
Sometimes there is major blinkage and wonky mouths.
All the while you make sure the chicklets are relaxed and as least camera shy as possible.

And most importantly, you make sure they leave with images that simply take their (and their spouses/partners/loved ones) breath's away.

Why not book a shoot with me through my "lovely as you are" (and what women want!) campaign.  There are more details here but if you book with a friend, like Susanne and Marie did today - you benefit from £65 savings...... each.  

You can buy vouchers in time for christmas, too!


Judi said...

Absolutely stunning!!! They must be thrilled, who wouldn't be?!

Jenne said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful x

Sheilagh said...

Simply Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

camera glasses clothes and smiles all ready and waiting. Editing packages if required too

Maz said...

We had a great day Kirsty and we both love the images. Not sure what the lovely Anon means by their comment...? Perhaps they'd like to expand on their comment.

Louise said...

stunning photos Kirsty x

Milliesmarvels said...

Beautiful photos Kirsty, I wish I lived closer, I don't think I own one decent photo of myself! x