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25 Oct 2012

Still in mourning

Dear  Julian Fellowes

I am unable to compute effectively since Sybil died two episodes ago.

Bring her back, like Dallas did with Bobby Ewing.

But not in some weird shower slash dream like fashion.

No, bring her back and pretend that the other Sybil was a fake Sybil baked out of cake by Mrs Patmore.

Yours hopefully

Kirsty "I am not liking this Sybil death at all.  Not ever." Wiseman

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Jaime Partridge said...

Haha. I told you I was traumatised by poor Sybil dying. But it did give the Dowager some cracking lines.

Debo said...

Hear, hear!!!!

Bumblebee said...

I also miss the dear miss, but last series they only managed to lose one person to the whole of WW1, so they were doing quite well!They could have easily got rid of Edith without much complaint though!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kirsty, I so agree! I Skyplussed the episode, but know what happens and can't bear to watch it. So haven't watched the next episode either :-(

Sara said...

Aargh Kirsty - We have just started the season here in New Zealand - You should have written SPOILER ALERT - so didn't want to read that - terrible news I love Sybil! Don't know how I am going to keep my big mouth shut now I know about it ..............

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Sorry Sara
I just assume its the US and Uk that watches it. I had no idea I had readers from New Zealand :(
Kirsty x

Sara said...

Yes all the way "Down Under" in New Zealand - Auckland to be exact. Loving your Autumnal photos, your leaves are falling and ours are blossoming and we are looking forward to warm sun after a long and wet winter! I have been reading your blog for probably about 6 years now and have only just started to comment on the blogs that I read! Not to worry about the "Downton" spoiler I have not told anyone (although I am finding that difficult) ha ha! But I have mentioned to several friends that "I know something you don't .... nah nah nah". Love reading all about you all, Mark, your gorgeous, gorgeous girl and of course the wee sausage! Take care :)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Well Sara, its lovely to meet you at last!
Do you have a blog that I can read?
Kirsty x