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2 Oct 2012

Snow globe crimbo

Why, Kirsty must be so poor to have to resort to making Christmas cards........ Tis a comment that makes me laugh rather than feel pitied.

Time, product and an outpouring of love goes into each one that I make. And this is one of many styles for crimbo 2012.

Snow globes are lovely little trinkets of which Ellie has a small collection. I think they're whimsical and reminiscent if my childhood where I'd dream of owning one..... But never did. Instead, I used to nip to my neighbours and stare longingly at them in hopes they would let me have a shake.

But you can't shake this one!

Night x
Ps: hope you're safe, little April x


susiesu said...

Why do people assume that only poor people make Christmas Cards?? I totally agree Kirsty - my Christmas Cards are made with love and hopefully apreciated by my friends and loved ones. Snowglobes did hold a certain magic when I was a child many moons ago. lol Susiesu xxx

susiesu said...

ps Sorry forgot to say I love your Christmas Card and look forward to seeing your other designs lol Susiesu xxx

Jaki Morris said...

I adore the tartan on the bottom, is it a ribbon.

The only way crafters are poor is because they spend so much on their stash and postage.
How very dare anyone say that? They obviously haven't ever made anything with love, time and care and then had the response of the recipient.
My favourite was from my great hulk of a nephew, 'Ah, Auntie Jaki's card, I always love opening them because they are different from all the rest'
I think the critic is the impoverished one

Sue said...

Really like this one.

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, love the card! What a stupid comment to make! I have to make all my cards now, I think I'd be shot if someone received one that wasn't made and I know they are all appreciated, Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

love snow globes and expect the collction is treasured and carefully taken out each year for a few weeks. Excitement will soon build for your daughter as the celebrations will soon be upon us!

Louise said...

love your snow globe, it looks so good with the tartan x

PaperDaisies said...

What an adorable image. Just beautiful. Love the layout.