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1 Oct 2012

Pretty pink pinkiness

**If you are looking for the christmas countdown wreath - you can find it HERE**

Sometimes I go through a gungy phase and sometimes I just stick to Kraft cardstock but lately I've been drawn to pink.  The pink bow on this card alone has me swooning if not dribbling a little.

Ive been inspired a little by Heidi's massive love for bunting on bunting.  It got me thinking........I have a bunting punch therefore I must punch more bunting from puuurty lil papers.  And so I made this, for whoever is due a card soon.

And now I must go to bed and dream up beautiful little bunting arrangements and dress my dreams up in swathes of delicate triangular magic.


PS:  You MUST come and see this.  Truly, you must.  Well, if you need printed media you might like it!


Carole Z said...

Lovely card Kirsty, really cheering first thing on a dark Tuesday! I'm a bunting fan it! Have a good day, Carole Z X

Sue said...

Loving this card.

Wanted to thank you for the RAK idea. Sent mine off recently and then received the other day. Beautiful card and little gifts inside. So kind.

Anonymous said...

great use of ready made embellishments and ribbons. always good to see them put to good use as so many are available nowadays. found a great site yesterday which sells things for real crafts, you know the ones where you actually make things. It was great fun to browse and umm rather overfill the online basket! Cant wait for the parcel man to arrive but suppose I will have to!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

I published trolls comment today as it was less god fearing than usual. The sarcastic undertones as tobshatvus real craft or not tickles me.

Vicky said...

Now that's one pretty pink card Kirsty - LOVE it!

Jaki Morris said...

I checked twice but couldn't see ready made embellishments? Maybe I need my eyes testing?
Do you have a blog, anonymous? I'd love to see what a 'real' crafter makes

Love the bunting on bunting look. I'm going to bunting up my bedstead later


Mandy said...

Such a gorgeous card Kirsty !


Anonymous said...

Lovely card and another clinker comment from 'Anonymous'. I agree with Jaki, would love to a) know the name of this amazing website and b) see some of anonymous's 'real' crafts! Lolol!!!!

Colette x.