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4 Oct 2012

Making gifts

I am behind on thank you gifts but I do get around to making them, eventually.  Tomorrow, though, I'm pretty current and have made two necklaces for two wonderful girls who have helped my experience in Wallasey be welcoming and friendly.  I'm closing my studio on Friday and shifting over to Wigan... a looooot closer to home.  Ironically, I have a shoot a week later back in Liverpool and a lifestyle shoot in Wilmslow!  Its always the way, right?

Anyway, Debbie and Michelle (whom work in a beauty clinic over the road) have been diamonds with sending work my way and giving me coffee and a free makeover....... Michelle had a hard job working on me!!!

So I made them these necklaces including haematite stone beads which have gorgeous spiritual properties.  I love the colour combo and think these necklaces are timeless.  I hope they like them as I know that jewellery is so personal.

 And to accompany them, I made these cards too.

I enjoyed making up these gifts that I'm committed to finishing off other gifts in the next few days.

Ok, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!


Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, what lovely gifts and cards, I'm sure the girls will be thrilled..all the best with the move Carole Z X

Sue said...

Fab cards and even fabbier jewellery.

Judi said...

Fabulous, they will love them, hope you won't feel too sad leaving your little studio behind, it served it's purpose as a stepping stone to something greater and sounds like you also made some good friends along the way. Hope all goes well today and good luck in the new studio. xx

Louise said...

ooh lots of loveliness! hope your move went well! x

Anonymous said...

Kirsty - beautiful necklaces. Can I ask where you bought the hearts from? So gorgeous - and the cards are divine too - you are SO clever!! Carole x

Julia said...

Oh they are gorgeous gifts and lovely cards too :) Look forward to hearing about the Wigan studio (I may even pop in and say hi now you're up the road!)