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9 Oct 2012

Look who came

**If you are looking for the christmas countdown wreath - you can find it HERE**
Poochy came to see my new studio today. He rather likes sniffing around some place different. And here, I have a den for him although I think he prefers to sit by my feet as opposed to snuggling in the den!

I'm almost done setting up. I'm just waiting for new poly boards which I shall be painting with silver hammerite on one set..... Swit swoo! I'll share soon.

But until then, here is the master in all his sausageness.


Carole Z said...

Sooooo cute!!!! Carole Z X

Louise said...

its nice to have some company, he's a cutie x

Fiona said...

Thought you might like this - found it on Pinterest!

Could almost be your photo.

Debo said...

It looks to me as though he's wondering what YOU are doing in HIS studio!!!!