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20 Oct 2012

Little bendy babies

Give me any baby but most of all give me a bendy baby.
A baby photographed within 10 days of being born has this knack of sleeping in many posable positions without harm.  After all, they are used to being squished up snug and cosy for 9 months. But after about day 10 or so, they are used to a far lesser restriction and are more likely to flail due its freedom.  Hence why we swaddle little bubbas when they are born - to make them feel secure and as if still cocooned in momma's tum.

Tomorrow I have the delicious pleasure of photographing Baby F.  He is the 5 day old son of one of the girls who befriended Ellie last year.  I feel like Im an Auntie and Chloe cannot wait to show him off to me let alone me take the pictures of him.  And of course, I will be aching between now and then for a proper, full on snuggette.  I LOVE BABIES!

Here is his arrival card from us.  I wanted to stray away from blue and go for something off beat but still "babified".

And now I must try and sleep and countdown the 463573265765810607365176 nano seconds until he is in my arms.
Kirsty x
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Anonymous said...
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PaperDaisies said...

Love your card layout Kirsty. Enjoy your day with that lil' bundle of joy. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Hugs Nina

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous card; such unusual but beautiful colours. Where DID you get that giraffe? :) Jude.x

Sue said...

Really fab card. Lovely to see something other than blue.

Shirley Davis said...

Just been catching up with all the blogs I follow. Forgive the impersonal approach but I only follow those blogs that always give me pleasure; the ones listed on my website; the ones that add something to my day, my skills, my experience, my life.

Thanks Kirsty!

Carole Z said...

Super card Kirsty..soooo cute! Carole Z X