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14 Oct 2012

Lil Mo

This is part two of yesterdays shoot.  Saffie's freind, MoMo, is a street dance teacher at the tender age of 19.  She looks way younger than her years and yet, Saffie - who is 16, looks so much older.  Funny old world, right?

MoMo is a girl with some serious attitude in camera but, in real life, she was fantastic fun.  Both girls are a credit to their generation - something for other girls to aspire to.

Here she is, in all her petite-ville:

 I am in LOVE with those hair ties.  Of course, Id look RIDICULOUS in them but Mo rocks the look.

I love her get-up in this picture

And the two girls together - they really did not need much direction.  Their natural ability to do "their thing" made the shoot a breeze.

I call this their "salt and pepper" look.  I mean, if these girls did something together for a career, this would epitomise their portfolio look.

I seriously could spend all my life taking pictures like this with girls as focused as these two.

And now, its beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.  I cried a river during Downton tonight.....sniff sniff.

Kirsty x
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D@nielle said...

They have a great style & look fab in the shoot !

Jaki Morris said...

Salt and Peppa's here

Excellent shots, as always


Judi said...

Amazing as always, you have the ability to make anyone (and everyone) look like a model! xx

Judi said...

Meant to add...So wish I could get up for your photography weekend in November! xx

Louise said...

wow - don't they have style! so beautiful x