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21 Oct 2012


Happiness is when you do a shoot and within half a day, the parents have images for prints within a few hours.

Happiness is various hats, backdrops, floordrops, fun props including poop, pee and spit-ups.

Happiness is working with a baby that you think you could quite easily steal.

Happiness is photographs that are taken in natural daylight.

Happiness is often disguised over a super warm room, a little teeny, tiny baby boy who couldn't truly settle, a photographer getting into positions that a contortionist would envy and Daddy covered in pee.

Meet Fin, in all his downy haired, pink cheeked goodness - complete with hats and pouty lips.

Happiness is achieving your aim.
And that is spreading more happiness.

PS:  Jude?  The Giraffe from yesterdays post was from a little packet of stickers I found in a £ shop **blush**

Kirsty x
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PaperDaisies said...

Simply beautiful Kirsty. Just love all the photos. Finley is delightful. Hugs Nina

Scrapping4fun said...

all absolutely gorgeous but love the third one the colours of the background and hat look great

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of a beautiful tiny baby, you are so talented! My daughter and I are sitting eating brekkie oohing and aaahing at your gorgeous pics! Love them xx

Anonymous said...

If I were young enough I'd be tempted to have another baby, just so I could get you to take photographs! :-D They are absolutely gorgeous; and that baby is surely good enough to eat? lol
Thanks for the message; And now I'm going have to trawl the £ shops today, aren't I, to try to find that giraffe sticker!

Sue said...

Good enough to eat....well not literally as that wouldn't be right:)

Anonymous said...

SCREAM they are lush. I really HEART the crimbo & baby blue shots.

My daughter has just started yr 11 doing photography & your site is one I suggest she views. Shame you as so far away as she needs work experience next May, you'd be perfect ♥

Jaki Morris said...

So, so sweet. Maybe I'll get my husband to have a reversal and go for another baby?
Or maybe not after going into my boys' room!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww :) Carrie x

Judi said...

Love them all but the blue one is my absolute favourite - total scrumminess!!! Clever girl, wish I had half your talent for photography! xx

EmmGee said...

Let's hear it for bendy babies! These pics are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful photos - well done you! I really love the final one its so adorable, hope they are going to use if for their christmas card! I hope thats a christmas hat he is wearing or I am xmas obsessed far too early and am seeing things!!

UK Discounts and Coupons said...

The beanies are cute, so are the baby photos. Love the colors.

Debo said...


Such beautiful pictures that are making me go all gooey and want to hold a tiny little bundle! He is ABSOLUTELY SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I can't choose a favourite!

susiesu said...

Isn't he just adorable - I want one lol Susiesu xxx