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7 Oct 2012

Goodbye Macro

I bought a Macro lens this time last year, 2nd hand - as always.  I've trusted my suppliers with second hand lenses for years, now and they have always been exceptional quality.  The 100m prime lens for the Canon is a superb model but for my studio work, its just not practical.  So this week I sold it and in return bought a 50mm F1.4.  But before I packed it off to its new owner, I snapped one of my pretty roses as a final farewell to this barely used lens.

I think I'm actually a bit shell shocked that I sold it, especially as its one of Canons most elite lenses for this field of work.  But you know, onwards and upwards.

On Friday I moved my studio from Wallasey to Wigan.  I was really really sad to leave it behind but know this move will save me 2 hours commute a day and fuel costs (and toll charges - at £3 a day for the toll alone!).  Mark and I are going to pop everything up tomorrow so that I can start a fresh on Monday with planning for a Lifestyle shoot in Wilmslow for Friday, a street dancer's portfolio on Saturday plus a charity event shoot on Saturday night and then a childs modelling shoot on Sunday.  Ironically, none of those are in my new studio....... they are all practically back at my old place.  Tee hee.  In the meantime, I've been taking pictures of my new studio from the viewing stage and will save the "before and after" shots (for later) once its looking semi-decent!

Finally, I shall leave you with a sweet little card I made for a class recently.

See, I still have time to craft!


Sue said...

Fab card.

Hope you settle into your new studio.

Anonymous said...

saw this and thought of you


Carole Z said...

Love the card and the photo...beautiful, here's to the new studio, Carole Z X