Ladies Camera Club

7 Oct 2012

Back breaking

**If you are looking for the christmas countdown wreath - you can find it HERE** 

Today was the only day that Marko could help me erect things in the new studio.  **smirks**
And time was limited.
So we worked like rabid dogs chasing a cat to finish all its buildy stuff whilst I finish it off tomorrow and titivate it a little before the big reveal.

And Ladies of Greater Manchester?  For your information, I am going to run a ladies camera club every fortnight (on a Tuesday) at my studio.  The reason being is because I, myself, once attended a camera club and was practically run out of town by the fella's therein.  And a lot of girls I know have felt the same.  Am I sexist?  My god, no way, man!  But what I have found is that fella's like the technical side of photography whereas girls just don't work like that - they need lots of patience and practical experiments before calling out "By jove!  I think I got it!".

And as far as I am aware, there are no ladies camera clubs in Greater Manchester but guess what?  There is now.  Email me here for more details.

Finally Im going to leave you with a delicious piece of crafting scrumptiousness.

I found it HERE - totes going to copy it, of course.  Its gorge x


Jaki Morris said...

Good luck with your titivating and I love that card too. I feel a little copying/adapting coming on too!

Take care


Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with the move. And Good Luck with the Camera Club - if I lived t'other side of t'hills I'd be booking to join. :(
And that card IS gorge.... thanks for the link to the website, some great stuff on there.

Julia said...

Excited? Much! Off to email you now :)

Anonymous said...

always good so to do

Carole Z said...

Hi Kirsty, yes that it is a super card! Well if I lived anywhere near, I'd be joining your camera club, fab idea ! Carole Z X

Louise said...

its times like this that i wished i lived in Wigan (and not just visited) - i'd definitely have joined your camera club. I did attend one once and once was exactly as you described!!

super card too Kirsty x

Debo said...

If I lived closer I'd DEFO be joining!! :(

Lovely card, off to follow the link (breakfast could be late!)

Deb x