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11 Oct 2012

Almost 17

Ellie and I had a lot to contend with today.  Mainly with the DLA/DWP - if you know what that means, you will know what a pig it all is.  Fortunately, things went in our favour and Ellie was relieved that she didn't have to regale her life's medical history.  She won't really discuss it because she finds it all quite tedious.  And so do I.

It did mean having a day off from college so she came to the studio with me today to see it for the first time.  She was a happy little soul and has chosen to parts of the studio where she likes best.  Here is one spot and she also likes the snug.

The snug is a small office off the rear of the room with a couch in it plus all my props.  It doesn't have an electrical point yet but she will love that most when it has.  She can watch dvd's and listen to music in there when she comes to work with me.  If she is ill, she can come and lay down here and be pampered by me .... on tap!

I wanted to test the lighting at dusk and she was my first strobe lighting model in my new place.  I only used one large softbox at the classic 45 degrees to reduce the blast of light in her poor little eyes! I was surprised to see how well she responded to my direction (and plus how she coped with the strobes and her photophobia).  I had to wazz the shutter speed right up to 250 at some points (to get her with her eyes open!) which meant you could see the shutter in some stills.  The image below had to be cropped to remove the shutter.

Im so in awe of how much older she looks in these images.  Her lips look so full and rosebud like and her nails and hands so long and slender.

This image below is typically Ellie - avoiding eye contact and drifting off into her own little safety bubble.

And she is 17 in a months time - my goodness.........its making me tear up just thinking how bloody fast they went.  It honestly takes me breath away.

Finally -
A:  I have two spaces left for Tuesday nights Ladies Camera Club in Wigan.  Email me HERE if you wish to bag the last spots :)
B:  I have spaces left for my Give Direction photography retreat in November - read all about it HERE


PaperDaisies said...

Thanks for sharing these special photos. I love the way you have taken them with love. it shows so much. Hugs Nina

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl you have - but of course we all knew that already - the photographs just prove it. :-) Good luck with the DLA. Jude.x

Jaki Morris said...

I love the one of her looking down the best!

Time sure does fly.

Good luck in your new studio. Maybe I'll come up again, when you've got a bigger blanket!


Sue said...

Glad the benefits thingy went ok.

Lovely photos of Ellie.

Lisa-Jane said...

She is truly beautiful Kirsty. Her hair is just incredible and her hands are amazing. Have you thought of sending her photos into a model agency?

Sarahjpacker said...

Ellie is so beautiful. She has the most stunning hands I've ever seen!! Gorgeous girlie xx

Pol said...

DLA/DWP - hateful forms that always leave me in tears. Ellie is looking so very grown up and beautiful - you have such a wonderful daughter :)

Cazzy said...

Ellie looks amazing, what a lovely slim figure she has, I am jealous!

Carol x

susiesu said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful young lady taken by a beautiful Mum. Ellie is looking so grown up lol Susiesu xxx

Kim@ScrapDragon said...

Beautiful photos of Ellie, oh how she has grown up over the years.