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19 Oct 2012

A curious little shop

Don't you just love it when you go somewhere very special and quaint and you don't have your super duper camera with you?  Yur, well.... that was me today.  This afternoon I went over to see my friend Helen to help her with a few photoshop exercises but before we got stuck in, she took me to lunch at Calooh Callay, in Clitheroe.  Helen knows me very little but what she does know of me, she knows so well.  This shop is a haven to all things Alice in Wonderland from tea cup and saucer lampshades to pink flamingo wallpaper.  the food and drinks that they serve are off beat but most of all, they are HEAVENLY.

I took only two pictures.  One of the tea menu

and one of my rose lemonade (but it came out blurry so I nabbed this off the net).

This lemonade is beyond perfection.  I must find this in the shops for me to consume on very selfish afternoons when I need a pep-up.  Imagine me sprawled on a chaise lounge sipping these and suffering from a very affected migraine.  I think this will cure all ails.  Its a very happy drink.

Whilst out on our very sophisticated afternoon, we came across these little monsters.

I have been after vintage french fruit crates since 21AD.  Every time I have seen them for sale, they have been approx £9485247657236751637065.  Today they were £5.50 each.  THAT IS OBSCENE!

So I bought three and have reserved some more for my props in the studio.  Im exasperated - so much so that only a rose lemonade might calm me down.  These will be perfect for a newborn shoot on Sunday.  Im photographing a little boy who was born on Tuesday!  **ovarie's in knots**

Then it was back to Helens to get down to some nitty gritty design work.  Helen has two of the most ADORBS pooches in the world.  Chico, whom I have met before and little Mia.  My heart was crushed to hear and witness little Mia's suffering.  It sounds like she has an arthritic problem and to see her struggle to walk broke by heart into a zillion squishy bits of jelly.  I loved her immediately.  I even want her and was weighing up trading my Mac computer for her.  I knew Ellie would be BESIDE herself to see a picture of her, so Helen took this before I left.  **sniff sniff**

It wasn't long before I was on the road home to my darlings and, of course, to this little scamp who would have sniffed out Mia's scent on me 10 miles from home.  He will always be my number one love but Mia is closely pipping him!

Night all x

Kirsty x


Lise Cooke said...

sounds like you had a fabulous day, or a magical day, love the photos, the dogs are soooooo cute, and i like the sound of the drink yummy, love the crate very chic xxx

Helen Powell said...

Glad I chose the right place for lunch, thank you so much, you are the bestest teacher x

ginny c said...

lovely pic of you and mia,great pic of eddy

Jaki Morris said...

The price of those boxes is absolutely ridiculous!

Hope you bought them all? You could make a killing re-selling them!

Take care

Anonymous said...

They used to sell the Rose Lemonade in my local Tesco (but sadly no more) but maybe your local will have it. It is gorgeous!