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1 Sep 2012

Well I never

I'm here, in Essex (with the lion still on the loose), teaching photog and craft at Sugar and Spice crafts. I'm having a great time despite having the unholiest of experiences on Friday. All I can say is that if I ever go through that again, I'll throw myself off the Humber bridge. My day got better, though and being here with Marion has been life saving.

Tomorrow I'm finishing off the photog teaching before heading to London for the Paralympics. We have stadium seats, it's all too exciting.

I'm leaving you with this awesome picture. It's making me salivate uncontrollably. All you do is score a joint of pork loin, insert apple slices in the cuts, sprinkle cinnamon on top and slow cook in an inch of water for 6 hours.

Well, I never.


Lizzie said...

So glad the Friday Incident hasn't spoiled your weekend - hope today is going well.

Enjoy the Paralympics - yippee!

The pork sounds lush - and I can't eat pork, it makes me ill... :-( Might make it for the Boys though.

Jaki Morris said...

Yummy, do you do it in the slow cooker or the main oven?

I'm going to do it next week. We need to eat cheap and chip free after our holiday!