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25 Sep 2012

Seeing stars

I made this card for a friend who knows the owner of a hotel who have just been awarded 5 stars.

It's clean, simple and erm....... Starry.

I could get used to clean and simple style cards.


Carole Z said...

love it! What a great idea for a 5 star hotel, Carole Z X

Jaki Morris said...

I blame you entirely for my fruitless search at ALly Pally for a star punch! Apparently, there is no call for star punches!

Hello? I'm calling for one


Anonymous said...

starry indeed and maybe they will be on 4 in a bed soon? Why do you need to " get used ..... cards" ? Didnt quite know of the significance of needing used ones! Maybe we are in the age of recycling them with new inserts? Would that catch on? Possibly it would when times are hard! :)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Oh go away, misery pants. Nobody likes your silly comments. They suck.

Barbara said...

Brilliant card Kirsty, simple and gorgeous, love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely card as usual. Where did you get the stars from? (I have a small star punch - maybe 1 or 1.5 cm.)
A-none-e-mouse needs a grammar lesson maybe? ;-) And I don't "quite know the significance" of 4 in a bed? What's that about?

Jaki Morris said...

It's 'get used to clean cards' you half wit.

'to get used to' is a grammatical form meaning: 'at first something is strange or different but after the passage of time one becomes accustomed to the difference'

If you had some English lessons from me, you would soon become used to using the English language correctly.
You can have that for free, my usual rate is £15 per hour.

Sally-Jo said...

Love the clean & simple look, & glad you choose white & not cream to go with the gold, I think it gives it s fresher look.

I think the star punch may be a 'stampin' up!' one! It was discontinued a couple of years back, maybe you could keep an eye on eBay for an unloved one jaki? Us demos have asked for it to come back, but there's no sign of it this year or next Xx

Louise said...

a perfect card Kirsty x

Cheryl S. said...

I love the clean and simple lines of your five star card- so elegant!
Where can I find the directions for the 25 Days of Christmas Countdown Wreath you put on Pininterest? I would love to make some for my grandchildren.

Thanks, Cheri

susiesu said...

Love the card Kirsty - so simple but so effective. How did 'misery pants' get in? Thought you were monitoring all comments?? lol xxx