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10 Sep 2012

Pin ups and petticoats

about 3 weeks back, a girl walked into my studio.  She introduced herself as Michelle and that she was a local Make Up Artist.  She enquired whether I might need to use her services for any upcoming shoots.  It was during that brief enquiry that we discussed that we might work together with local hairdressers on a styled shoot.  Well, you know for a penny and all that. 

Next thing I know, we were holding a meeting to discuss styling and clothes based on pin ups and petticoats - a combination of the 1940's and 50's.  It was crazy!  We drew up some mood boards and discussed hair, make up and location.  I didn't think it was going to happen as I am new to the area and barely know a soul! 

This was Marilyn's board

And this was a 40/50's housewife inspired board

Michelle rounded up most of the creatives as my trump card was both the cameras and Elyse - my fave "I'll work any shoot cos Im a pouty, fab model" model!  And then before I could blink, he day came by so quick that I woke up today and realised "It's today!".

Here is Rachel (Marilyn) being pampered by Terry Edwards.

Those pin curls are superb, Terry

With her Make up being applied by Michelle Finnigan, Make up Artist extraordinaire

And Elyse gets a coiffure from Jenny Gandy

And a swoosh of colour from Michelle Finnigan

Then it was over to the studio to run test shots and iron clothes (thanks Jaime for your help!) .  Elyse's hair turned out most spectacular.  And her dress was an added bonus to the event - doesnt she look awesome?

And then it gets down to some pretty angled posing.   Elyses skin needs absolutely zero retouching.  I HATE retouching because I think skin should be true to who you are.  The only exception is on a model shoot.  But as you can see, Elyse's skin is beautiful.

Rachels look was stifled in the studio (I think natural light is awesome on her - just wait until see how she rocked her look later on)

We took a trip over to Derby Pool at New Brighton.  The Art Decor building used to be part of an outdoor pool but is now a Harvester pub.  They were FANTASTIC by allowing us to shoot on their premises with a knickerbockerglory as a prop.  We did seek permission from the OK diner in Mold (a 1950's replica diner but they were having NONE of it and wanted to charge us but only if the regional manager was to pass the decision.  Blows rasperberries to OK diners worldwide who denied themselves some positive advertisement).

We then whizzed down to an original Lifeguard building which is still in keeping with the theme.  I LOVE THIS SHOT.

Then we nipped over to an Art Decor styled bus stop to take these images here.  I love both of these equally, I couldn't pick a fave

No sooner has we got out of the shelter did we spy an old bus.  We leaped into the car and followed it.  We practically abandoned the car, ran over and asked the conductor if I could take a quick snap.  She allowed us 3 nano seconds (which wasn't enough to work out lighting and poses) so it only allowed us a relatively basic snap but good fun whilst it lasted.

Then it was a quick change and a new location.  Rachel is a proper siren in these next series of images.  Elyse rocked the look, too.  Im so proud of these girls and how they worked their look and outfits.

I love Rachels zest for modelling and when she wasn't taking my direction, she was working her own style out ....... LOVE IT!

I love the angles here..........I couldn't even stand in those shoes, let alone pose/walk in them

Ellies looks incredibly pretty in this top.  And Im still in awe of that hair.

Passersby, all day, were enamoured by the girls outfits and look.  They asked about the girls and what they were doing.  Quite a few took pictures - it was quite starry for the girls, I was quite giddy for them and the attention they were receiving.

This is a fave of mine from rachel.  It was taken between poses and she was naturally laughing here

And I think I'll leave you with a killer pose from Rachel.  A Thelma and Louise inspire look.  Amazing.

Then it was a trip back to the studio to make it a wrap.  I got Jaime (Elyses mum) to take this picture but made sure these giant stick insects masked my width whilst squishing my height in the same breath!

The whole point of these styled shoots are to bring a bunch of creative females together and celebrate a collaborative talent.  It also helps showcase a wide spectrum of styles and ideas whilst demonstrating the lengths we can go to; to achieve a result at a minimum cost.  I find that living in the shadows of bigger cities like Liverpool and Manchester, true talent in smaller towns can often be over looked.  I hope that people can take notice of the girls who work in everyday shops and salons and know that we can all achieve great things.

Thank you once again to:
Terry Edwards - Hairdresser
Jenny Gandy - Hairdresser
Michelle Finnigan - MUA
Rachel Alexander - Model
Elyse Partridge - Model

Kirsty x


Nancy Wyatt said...

Amazing! They are gorgeous as you are sweet friend! Hugs from Texas

Candace said...

wow, wow, wow.

Can't think what else to say. Two beautiful girls looking absolutly amazing. Just love the 50s fashion

twinkletoe said...

Kirsty - you take such beautiful pictures. I am in awe. Good luck with your new studio. XXX

Judi said...

WOW!!! Awesome pics, awesome models, awesome hair and make up, awesome locations, awesome photographer! xx

Paper Paradise said...

You have an amazing talent! The whole bunch of photo's are brilliant and the models, WOW, they did a great job! x

Sue said...

Fab photos.

D@nielle said...

awesome fab shoot, fab models & fab photograper !

Jaki Morris said...

Amazing. I want that hair! You would have loved the vintage fair I was at on Saturday. It would have been amazing for this shoot. Military vehicles, men in uniform, vintage cars and people dressed in period outfits.

I love them allxx

Carolyn Phillips said...

Wow, those are amazing and you have so captured the look.

ger76 said...

Amazing you all done a fantastic job x

Debbie said...

Fab photos Kirsty!!!
Hugs Debbie x

susiesu said...

fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Love all the photos but especially the one of Rachel with her head back laughing. What are you going to do with the pictures??? lol Susisu xxx

Laura said...

My goodness, you lot make a great team!

Clair said...

Brilliant photos Kirsty & it looks like a fun time was had too!! xx

Louise said...

looks like you had such fun Kirsty! the models and photos are perfect.

The photo of Elyse with the knickerbockerglory, is my favourite, it reminds of a photo of my mum and dad at a local lido!

Your photography talents (if they aren't already)are going to be so in demand xxx

Lizzie said...

Everyone did such great work there, Kirsty! The results are fabulous - I'm sure you are all very proud of yourselves.

I loved the shot of Rachel leaning against the wall, in her killer heels; also her "Thelma & Louise" one.
And my favourites of Elyse... hmm... the very pretty red blouse shot - she looks just gorgeous, make sure you give a copy to her mum! - and... hummm... difficult... I think I also liked the ice-cream picture.
The quick "snap" of them on the bus worked soooo well - it's really great. Perhaps you should see if the bus co./owners want to buy it as a publicity shot?!

Great photos - filled with admiration for the whole Team!

Debo said...

Is the word 'synergy?'

"Definition: the combined power of different things working together to create a greater effect than if they were separate

Synonyms: cooperation, coalition, harmony, teamwork, unity, togetherness, accord, agreement, exchange"

Stunning photos! Brilliant concept! Six amazing women!!

Loving all the outfits - where are they from???

Get these images 'out there' - you all deserve recognition and success!


Julia said...

Simply stunning photos. I never new New Brighton had so many fab locations either!